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December 31, 2010

Just In Time: The Most Hilarious Story of the Year

The chairman wants me to bring in a barber, but I'm not interested

It’s not as close a shave as the Rafa van der Vaart signing, but Harry Redknapp has made a very late, very strong entry into the Most Hilarious Story of 2010 contest.

The man I’d never call a “wheeler-dealer” (to his face) said yesterday… and I quote:

“The owner would like me to go out and spend his money and buy somebody who could make the difference… But I don’t know where that player is. We’re not in a position where we need to panic buy.”

Alright now, gather yourself, suspend disbelief, ignore this rumor, and just appreciate that you got to read that sentence. I adore ol’ Arry*, as you’d imagine, but even this is a bridge, to sell, too far.

*And I will, despite the fact he will inevitably leave at an inopportune time for the club. As fans, we knew, or should have known the bargain back in October 2008. What no one could have predicted is how good the last 26 months have gone. So when the man goes, I’ll say “fare thee well” and look back on this brilliant run with a smile…

The takeaway here is that, for the first time I can remember, Spurs are a) real good and b) obviously with money to spend.

My guess is that Levy actually does feel that a marquee signing would serve the team well; the outlay, given the new European stage, being likely to pay for itself. The biggest need is still a tall, powerful striker. A similarly authoritative presence a la Lass Diarra would help, too.

Tomorrow is January, folks. Let the stupidity begin! continue!

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