Unprofessional Foul


January 4, 2011

Don’t Mess With the Duck

Has An Eye for Injustice

When it comes to those guys who wear overly-large stuffed heads and terrorize our children in the stands, the bonds of fraternity and fidelity are tight.  Even in the midst of a relegation scrap, the rights of all those employed to wear ridiculous costumes takes precedence.

Over the weekend, the person wearing the “Deepdale Duck” costume for Preston North End was forced to leave Deepdale in caretaker manager David Unsworth’s first match in charge for PNE post-Fergie’s boy.  Apparently, the Duck tried to distract visiting Derby GK Bywater and was escorted away for the remainder of the match.

No word on if the distraction included trying to lay an egg on Bywater’s face.

In a completely unrelated match yesterday, Captain Blade–the mascot for Sheffield United–staged a one-pirate protest during United’s clash with Doncaster Rovers.  Sitting at center circle, Captain Blade held a handwritten sign reading “Free the Preston One” and delayed the start of the 2nd half.

Perhaps this show of mascot solidarity emboldened the Blades to persevere in the match–a very late stoppage time equalizer earned Sheffield United a desperately-needed point to keep pace with Middlesbrough.

As for the Captain, he certainly earned some street cred with his fellow mascots.  If puffy-fingered people had a labor union, he’d probably be their Jimmy Hoffa.

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