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January 5, 2011

Wednesday Backpasses: Gotta Love The Image

Be careful about what you say on Twitter, Robbie Savage might come for you [Off the Post]
Also bad on Twitter: hoping all your team’s fans die [Dirty Tackle]
This is what a fixed match looks like [The Offside]
Of course, being able to fix matches is one reason why one would become a ref [Three Match Ban]
Pretty cool video featuring charcoal (?) animation of some all-time greats. And Roberto Baggio (I kid, I kid) [The Shin Guardian]
Some gloating, Everton-centric, blog you might want to check out [The First Number 9]

Goodbye to an American icon. Kristine Lilly retired today [NYT Goal]

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  1. I would like to take this moment to thank my agent, my mother, my friends, and most importantly, my therapist

  2. Tno

    The booooo was me. It was for the result. Your website is lovely.

  3. Keith

    Per the Sun: Quick! Throw BFS to Qatar!.
    To quote Brian, hehehehehhehehhehe

  4. Ryan

    How do you know they aren’t talking about Arsenal?

  5. MP

    @Tno: I read Brian’s article and then wondered who the “anonymous” asshole was. I knew it had to be a UFer haha

  6. Orr

    @Jacob – Are trying to bait me with that Baggio comment?

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