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January 6, 2011

Tan, Rested, and Still a Wanker

And Another Thing… I’m a Giant Douche

Former Hull City manager, and presumably part-time gardener, Phil Brown has another chance to prove he’s an egomaniacal ass.

Brown was hired today to manage Preston North End. It’s really not a good match as the club is the Lillywhites and Brown maintains a George Hamilton-like tawny bronze (and here’s a fun way to kill 10 seconds… go Google “tanned actor”).

PNE currently sits rock bottom of the Championship table, a full seven points from safety. Hell, they are four points from Scunthorpe, the team immediately above them, who also have a game in hand over the bottom dwellers.

So for PNE chairman Maurice Lindsay, what’s there to lose? Besides maybe some casual fans who find Brown utterly repulsive as a human being. But remember it was Brown who took Hull City from the drop zone around Christmas time of 2006 to the Premier League after winning promotion playoffs at the end of the 2007-2008 season. That is a pretty impressive 18 month turnaround.

But anyone ever see Julian Lennon play live? Maybe somebody should tell Lindsay that lightning never strikes twice. Oh wait, he should already know that having just fired Darren Ferguson.

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