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January 10, 2011

Jose Mourinho Gets The Win And A Water Bottle

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

Real Madrid defeated Villareal 4-2 this weekend in a thrilling match.  Read Sid Lowe’s expansive prose for all the details and florid language.  For our part, the most interesting part may have been Jose Mourinho’s celebration following Kaka’s goal–the fourth for Real Madrid.

The Portuguese manager went ape-poop over the goal sidling over in front of the Villareal bench throwing his hands up on the air appearing to taunt the Yellow Submariners and exhort the Madridistas behind the bench.  Mou-mou said he did this to celebrate with his son who sits behind the bench.  So, maybe Jose is not Harry Potter, he’s James Potter and his son is Harry.

Although, Cani of Villareal tried to throw water on the Mourinho fire.  Literally.  He threw a water bottle at the celebratory manager and received a red card for his efforts. (For a picture of the event click on Sid Lowe’s piece, for video see below.) Cani really bottled that one.

Through all of the drama, La Liga still remains the same.  Barca on top of Real Madrid by two points and the rest are so far away they can barely smell those two farts from below.

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