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January 21, 2011

Playboy Model Takes Over Club, Will Rule With Iron Fist

Warta Poznan FTW!!!

Former Playboy and glamour model Izabela Lukomska-Pyzalska has taken over as director of the Polish club Warta Poznan. The club currently resides in the Polish first division, which is actually the second division of Polish soccer below the Ektraklasa Premier League. This would be the perfect opportunity to make a Polish joke except England’s First Division is actually its third so that makes even less sense.

The former model is set on returning Warta to its former glory, or at least back to the top division where it has not been since the 1990s. She promises to bring discipline and order to the club.

“I used to work in a building company, which requires ruling with an iron fist. I will make sure that there is order and discipline at the club,” proclaimed the new dictator director.

Something, something…I’d let her rule me.

UF wishes Izabela Lukomska-Pyzalska all the luck in the world and hopes she continues to have her club in the news. We also hope this starts a new trend in football management.

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  1. BG

    Heck, I think they should make her FIFA President.

  2. Sepp agrees except she needs to wear tighter fitting clothes.

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