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January 22, 2011

Friday Backpasses: Buddled

Edson Buddle scored on his Ingolstadt debut! 2. Bundesliga is the new MLS.

Terry Butcher. He’s like the SPL’s Ian Holloway [200%]
Looks like it’s time to say bye bye to NASL [MFUSA]
If you’re looking forward to next fall’s college season, here’s a quick and dirty preview [Goal]
‘Arry may be a good manager, but he’s not the most aware guy out on the street [Dirty Tackle]
So close. Brad Friedel just needed about 250 more kids to be able to afford his training center and he wouldn’t have been bankrupt [Mirror Football]

It’s not even the least bit soccer related, and if you follow my twitter it has already been in your feed. That does leave some of you in the dark though, so here it is. The creator of The Wire takes the Baltimore police chief to task for daring to question what light the show cast Baltimore in [Baltimore Crime Beat]

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  1. Ryan

    Jamie Redknapp says it was a lovely little mugging. Richard, they’ve literally robbed him.

  2. bergkampesdios

    Tough to be a wheeler dealer when you lose your wallet and can’t find your car keys. No striker for you, Sp*rs.

  3. Arkie

    Ingolstadt 5 pts from safety? What happens to Buddle when they get relegated? does one of the MLS’s best forwards, a guy who played at the WC, really play 3rd division footy? How bad does MLS pay?

  4. Ingolstadt reportedly doubled what he was making in MLS. I’m also pretty sure he would have a built-in relegation clause in his contract–if they get relegated he must be sold.

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