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January 25, 2011

Strippers Lose Their Poles, Sort Of

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When looking at two roads that diverged in a wood, FC St Pauli began marching down the slightly scary, hairy, gnarled trail full of ideals. When its path crossed over that lovely, well-trodden one with flattened blades of grass from all the well-heeled boots that had trampled through already, these pirates of the league got a bit lost.

After all–before it took to the rougher-looking road, St Pauli had set fire to the other one.

For a club now facing a relegation scrap in Bundesliga, its identity seems to be of greater importance to some of its supporters. Last week mention was made of the culture clash between the “social romantics” and the economic necessity of commercialism. That battle seems to be continuing between the club and its fans, but sadly it’s taking away the bewbs too.

And these are the kind of bewbs we like around these parts. Pursuant to discussions with some of its supporters, FC St Pauli has banned the girls from local stripclub Susi’s from performing in the club box during home matches.

Now, the ban is only during matches, which means Susi’s succubi can hop right back on their poles and dance for the fat cats in the box after the final whistle. This looks like a hedged response from club brass who don’t want to be seen as losing their punk edge while at the same time bowing to the economic vagaries of life in the top flight.

Certainly, if you’re paying almost $85,000 for the club box, not only do you expect hot sausages brought to you on a toy train and a keg under your seat, but you ought to be able to take home a souvenir as well–that carry-out item being the oddly-lingering perfume smell you get from a strip club that stays on your clothes for two weeks no matter how many times you wash them.

So, the local ladies from Susi’s get to keep earning their way through PT school with the space allotted to them at the Millerntor–they just have to wait a bit longer when their patrons are even more soused after drinking a personal keg of beer.

Somehow, it seems they are going to make it through this okay. The club can say it responded to fan demands while at the same maintaining a revenue stream. Supporters said nothing about whether Susi’s has to keep the fun bags holstered while the daycare is in operation, so it seems the children will be safe too.

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