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January 27, 2011

Mexes is Wicked Pants

Chowda Heads since 2011?

While Orr is out teaching tomorrow’s future football stars the proper way to play keeper–and brainwash them to be AC Milan supporters—thought I’d pass along this tid bit on a slow afternoon.  If this comes to fruition, we might be seeing pre-season friendlies in Boston featuring Liverpool and the Giallorossi. Make sure to heckle accordingly.

One of the investors in the group that bought Statler and Waldorf out of Liverpool FC might have his eye on the Penisola Appenninica and in particular the capital club AS Roma.  Of course, sources appear to be from Italian media—which are as reliable as a Grauniad exclusive—and include investment by a Florida real estate developer.

The chances of this happening are already destroyed just by those two facts.

Then again, there might be something to it, as Roma’s owner—Rosella Sensi—had Unicredit’s head honchos at a meeting in New York to hammer out a deal with the investors from Beantown, so perhaps there’s some merit to this.

So, if this deal goes down, it’s becomes rather confusing—which one was supposed to be the evil empire again?  And what are the policies on allowing flares in Fenway Park?

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  1. Georger

    I knew I forgot something on my list of things that piss me off: that overused kid flipping the bird picture.

  2. Mountain Wag

    I knew I forgot something on my list of things that piss me off: crests that have saggy animal tits on them.

  3. Georger

    They’re not saggy they’re just engorged with milk. Ten years from now they’ll be saggy though.

  4. Tno

    I actually lol’d.

  5. jjf3

    This has been up for how long, and NYK hasn’t told everyone just how much wicked pants Mexes is? He’s slipping…

  6. Han-ball

    Georger: to reference your AtD article linked in the Backpasses, in FM’s defense, Mexes is inexplicably rated highly on that game, all the time. He’s pretty darn good, and is almost never a bad signing if you need defensive help.

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