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January 31, 2011

Mid-Transfer Deadline Day Hollering

Hope Carroll likes prog rock

Just a few hours to go now and, having read everything from the silliest speculation to the silliest fact, I’ve managed to boil down the hooting and hollering to a few half-cohesive sentences. One for each club’s fans:

United: (smirk) (wink) Happy to see that Charlie Adam staying put. Good for the sport. (orders United #38 “Adam” shirt) (Calls up kit shop for exchange..)

City: What’re you looking at? We pay deadline-hour prices all year round. Just another day…

Arsenal: But Père, j’veux un nouveau toy.

Non! You can play with your Squillaci when he’s back from the shop!

Liverpool: I hate that we’ve spent all this money. Bad us! Bad us! No, I do NOT want Charlie Adam, too! Oh, what, he’s on his way for a physical? Oh, we are so baaad.

Spurs: Please Arry, please sign another lightweight lefty midfielder. We only have seven and that’s no way to compete with the big boys. Pederson from Blackburn! Sign him up!

Seriously. Not even a rumor? Striker and CDM. A blind man could see. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

Newcastle: Clears the way for… Ameobi!

Villa: Boyo, we got Daz Bent on the cheap.

Who am I forgetting?

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