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February 8, 2011

Monday Backpasses: I’m the Best, Me

Stay fat, lose 200,000 quid [Off the Post]
Apparently, some Spanish press had a 150,000 Euro bounty on the first picture of Pique and Shakira together. Then he put this on his Facebook [ONTD_FB]
It’s one thing to have a fight at a game. It’s another for the fight to get so out of hand that someone gets a felony battery charge [The Offside]
Ranking MLS stadia and missing the point completely [MFUSA]
Does ‘Cakes have a new lady? [The Offside Rules]
Seriously–how does the AR miss this? [When Saturday Comes]

Nicklas Bendtner is the best ever, says Nicklas Bendtner. Now backed up by science! [Dirty Tackle]

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  1. That picture of Bendty is horrid. I’m glad I didn’t look at this page before sleep.

  2. bergkampesdios

    The girl next to Puyol in the Pique picture is ridiculous.

  3. Ryan

    I missed it the first time in the WSC link.

  4. clemantona

    As I was perusing through DT, i noticed a piece about how brooks thinks arsenal and everyone associated with it are whiney.
    how come we can’t make comments about idiot dowd without the taunts of “you blame loses on everyone but yourself”
    why is that the go-to now.

  5. MP

    @berg: Melena Costa, his gf.
    /slashes wrists

  6. Luis Suarez would be proud of that Droylsden player.

  7. ebullientfatalist

    @clemantona: I don’t like that burgeoning Arse-meme, either. I’m pretty sure when we lost to WBA, NUFC, and Spurs, we were painfully aware who lost that game: the manager and squad.

  8. MP

    Oh the delightful irony. Gooners whining about the fact that everyone says they’re whiners…

  9. clemantona

    now i can’t even ask about why we’re labled whiners without being called a whiner.

    will this never ending taunt ever end

  10. @MP – we’re very meta

  11. Clem; I think I found the salve for your dilemma:

    They found Arsene in a florist
    He was fried and out of focus.
    He was kicking it with linesmen.

    The losses on the table
    They formed into a choir
    And belted out a chorus.

    There were clicks and hisses.
    And complicated offside decisions.
    Pixie’s got a pipe made from a pringles can.

    Hey hey North London
    You gotta get the calls from whoever you can.

    Clean sheets stained, brib’rey allegations wash away.
    Naked bodies in the Marshall Meadows Bay.

    Same kooks don’t shoot but they sure do pass.
    Same kooks can’t fly because their gaffer didn’t see that.
    Same kooks can’t come but they sure do kiss
    Making love to the girl with the flag tied to her wrists.

    The lord takes away and the lord delivers.

    Washed it all off in the Thames and Lea Rivers.

    We slept it off in the matinees
    We rip it up like the razor blades.
    Now we just need something to celebrate.
    I wanna open some trophies up.
    (I wanna open my body up).
    I’m getting tired of all these styrofoam Carling Cups.

    Moyes said its hard to feel holy when you can’t get clean
    Now he’s bumping up against bribery calls from Arsene
    He said its hard to slow down when you’re picking up speed.

    It was those two same kooks from that one stupid photo shoot.
    It was those two same kooks from that one stupid photo shoot

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