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February 9, 2011

Just to Spite Us

Blackpool for Champions League!

For those of you that listened to last week’s Foulcast then watched the weekend’s Premiership madness, perhaps you thought we were having you on for a laugh. After all, how wrong could we have been with some of the impressions we had about the clubs we discussed?

Let’s do a rough recap of what Dr Jekyll thought would happen and how Mr. Hyde ripped us a new one.

Arsenal FC 4-4 Newcastle United
Impressed with the way Arsenal had recovered from a 1st half 1-0 deficit to top Everton 2-1 in its prior match, we gushed about how this version of Arsenal looked strong and had a certain moxie about it. There was the belief that earning points from a losing position against a determined Everton side showed this group of Wenger’s had balls.

Then, the Newcastle match happened. You probably know what transpired–a 4-0 1st half dismantling of the Bar Coders disintegrated through 2 penalty goals, a Leon Best strike, and an absolute thunderbolt from Tiote. The club that had previously shown they had the intestinal fortitude to see out a win against the odds allowed an historical draw with Toon–against all odds.

Chelsea FC 0-1 Liverpool FC
Ancelotti’s side were looking like the Chelsea of old in topping Sunderland 4-2 prior to the encounter with a new-look Liverpool. The squad had found its attacking verve–pestering Black Cats keeper Gordon with 28 shots and showed a certain killer instinct after Sunderland tried to stay in the match during the 1st half.

Then King Kenny came calling at Stamford Bridge and gave Fernando Torres that old familiar feeling–of losing. The Blues poured in the shots again but only one was on target, and after going down midway through the 2nd half, failed to demonstrate that “Chelsea of old” that would have nicked a goal or 3 and routed the visiting side.

We were a bit right on this one though–Liverpool are now right behind Tottenham and Chelsea in the table 6 points back of Champions League position. Spurs looking over their shoulders, indeed.

Manchester Arabia 3-0 West Brom Albion
We ridiculed Citeh for dropping points to a club like Birmingham. Despite drawing Brum at St Andrews, we continued from the previous Foulcast where we pointed out that Man City couldn’t win the title if it was allowing points to slip away against less-fancied sides like Hong Kong Bluey and Aston Villa on weekends when top clubs around them dropped points.

Well, of course Citeh  go out and take the full 3 points off a WBA side now rudderless. Unfrozen Caveman defrosts to tally a hat trick and the Citizens do exactly what we said they weren’t doing–earning full points while top sides around them did not.

Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 Manchester United
We had never espoused the belief that United would go through the season unbeaten–The Stretford End had said as much in the previous Podcast–but Rooney’s brace against Villa led us to wonder if Shrek had gotten his groove back. Even if Berbatov remained in Lazy Mode, an emerging Wayne Rooney surely would be enough to see Fergie’s side through at Molineux.

The clock struck midnight and the carriage turned into a pumpkin–Roo reverting back to a troll with a yellow card. Lazy Berba was replaced by the Baby Killer, who couldn’t earn United at least a draw on this day, and the worst side in the Prem topped the leaders.

About the only part we got right was the Lazy Berba thing.

So, I’m guessing you guys want us to predict winning lottery numbers now, right? Right?

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