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February 28, 2011

Animal Cruelty in Colombian Soccer

Junior Owl

Maybe Moreno thought the owl was booing him.

Luis Moreno is a defender from Panama who plays for Deportivo Pereira in Colombia. He lost his cool in a match against Atl├ętico Junior this weekend and kicked an owl.

No, seriously.

The owl is kind of a mascot for the club from Barranquilla, and fans believe that when it flies over the stadium during games, Junior always wins. No mention of what happens if the owl lands on the pitch, which is what happened yesterday.

When the owl landed on the field and disrupted play, Mr. Moreno had no better idea than to kick the poor bird over the touch line, inciting the ire of Junior fans and animal lovers everywhere.

“I apologize to the entire country and especially Barranquilla fans, because it was a terrible thing to do,” said Moreno. He added that “If I receive a sanction, I will accept it.”

Moreno also claims that he loves animals, his children have pets, and that his temporary lapse of reason was due to “the heat of the moment, besides, I don’t think it was that hard of a hit. I was just trying to get him off the pitch.”

Wow. That doesn’t sound like contrition, Luis. This is the most unusual case of NTKOP I’ve ever seen.

Apparently, Moreno doesn’t realize what he’s in for: the Barranquilla environmental police department has opened a case against him, and he could do up to 45 days in jail for kicking the owl.

Fortunately, veterinarians who examined the bird after the attack indicate that the animal is in stable condition and should recover just fine. I’m not sure Moreno’s public image will recover as quickly. By the way, Junior defeated Pereira 2-1.

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  1. Tno

    Fuck that guy.

  2. sven

    Whoooooooo does this guy think he is?

  3. That owl should have really kept his head on a swivel.

  4. Goat

    Give a hoot; don’t bird boot. But, yeah–what Tno said.

  5. ImaGoalMan

    Not under SASIC?

  6. BG

    UPDATE: The latest reports indicate that the owl died recently of a surge in lactic acid due to the stress of the kick and being handled. That’s not going to be good for Moreno.

  7. Tob

    El ese es un hijo de puta. Es lo mas tipico- pobre, pobre calidad de gente- Que se muera ese imbecil

  8. BG

    Translation: he’s an SOB. So typical- poor quality person- that idiot should die.

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