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March 1, 2011

Unprofessional Foulcast 28: The Delayed Episode

I want to apologize to everyone for sitting on this Foulcast for a few days. We recorded it late last Wednesday or Thursday (I can’t remember), but then my real-life work got in the way. I’ve done a re-edit of the show to take out everyone saying stuff like “Arsenal are sure to win the Carling Cup.”

What remains is a great podcast with Autoglass, NY Kid, Moonshine Mike, James T and me discussing Arsenal, Chelsea, the Champions League, the crazy talk of The Likely Lad (and the even crazier defense of this talk by Autoglass), the MLS playoff scenarios and more.

Too bad I couldn't get some Fergie Time to put up the podcast.

It’s a good time, and it’s well worth the $5 we won’t charge you to download it. Enjoy!

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  1. Shane

    “Olsson smashed one of the memorabilia,” the Stoke manager said. “It’s very disappointing when that happens. I will speak to Roy now and you hope that Roy and West Brom will sort that out with the kid. If you can’t control yourself and you smash someone else’s property because someone doesn’t shake your hand, I don’t see that as an excuse. It’s property that has been paid for by this football club and he has no right to break things like that.”
    If only he felt the same about people’s legs.

  2. Steve

    I don’t know, not having to pay five dollars seems like a lot.

  3. James T

    We recorded this on WEDNESDAY because I remember missing large swathes of Top Chef in order to do so.

  4. @James T: Dude, I watched Top Chef because I have a freakin’ DVR, you luddite!

  5. Talking about Arsenal’s problem with injuries, before this year Everton would usually lose 2-3 key players with injuries for the first half of the season, and David Moyes finally got rid of the head physio and a few other people, and so far things have been better, maybe it is time for Wenger to do the same, it certainly can’t make things worse

  6. Clemantona

    Brian – I’ve always imagined Dr Nick is Arsenal’s head physio

  7. @NYK: THANK YOU for stopping Autoglass on the “Cesc has a hamstring” tip. I’ve gotten SO sick of “out with a knee” in various sporting contexts. It takes no more energy to append “injury” to the end of that sentence.

  8. @Auto: Carling Cup only goes double-legged in the Semi. And it’s not everyone in England like the FA- it’s everyone in the Football League.

  9. Outside Mid

    If you guys were referencing the Spurs win over Milan, Bale wasn’t there–really was a bit of a team effort with Sandro and Palacios solid in the middle, VdV giving way to Modric, and Niko coming on for Pienaar along w/Jonathan “shredded groins” Woodgate making an appearance after Charlie was destroyed by Flamini. As for the groups loss to Inter at the San Siro, that was a Bale effort.

  10. Outside Mid

    And after Bayern were handled by BvB in the league utilizing a similar style to Spurs, the Bavarians might not be as scary as they did before.

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