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March 3, 2011

Thursday World Cup Trifecta

Kit for Sepp's Favorite Side

FIFA has had a busy day of inconsequential voting.

The vote for 2014 qualifying slot allocation took place and FIFA voted to do nothing.

So, the allocation for Brazil will be the same as that for 2010. So Asia keeps it’s 4.5, as do Oceania its .5 place, CONCACAF its 3.5 slots, Africa its 5, CONMEBOL its 4.5 and UEFA 13. Brazil is in as hosts (basically an extra South America team will get to travel across the continent as Brazil was likely to take one of the 4.5 slots for CONMEBOL).

We’re a little miffed by this decision because as we argued last week, UEFA is probably over-represented.

Additionally, the vote for next women’s World Cup was held. Canada won. It was either Canada or not have it as there were no other countries in the running. Zimbabwe had been bidding but dropped out the day before the vote due to lack of infrastructure. That’s curious because lack of infrastructure didn’t stop Qatar from bidding and winning.

The governing body probably couldn’t be bothered to care much about either vote as its members were likely busy daydreaming about the hookers they were going to bang on their piles of cash. FIFA also reported that it’s still swimming in money, having made a $631M profit—not bad for a registered non-profot—in the four years cycle to the 2010 World Cup (about a third of the money came from last year alone).

Clearly FIFA is gouging fans with outrageous ticket prices.

Not really… Tickets for the World Cup final were actually cheaper than those for the upcoming Champions League final. The bulk of Sepp’s war chest—$4.19B—comes from broadcast rights and commercial deals.

Football makes money. Lots of it. This should surprise nobody.

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Precious Roy


  1. James T

    Bulk of FIFA’s cash has always come from TV and licensing since Sepp took over in 1998. He’s figured out a nice system for himself.

  2. Precious Roy

    Just a pre-emptive shot in case we’re invaded by people claiming that ticket prices for soccer are too high.

  3. clemantona

    PR – ticket prices for soccer are TOO DAMN high

  4. Precious Roy

    So after all the kerfuffle with the FSF and my being asked to drink the milk of human kindness and all; Cubs tix went on sale later that week. I got friends from home (TX) coming up to visit in July and they want to take in a Stros v. Cubs game in the bleachers. No problem. Tickets for a fucking borderline-meaningless regular-season game between 2 teams that finished in 4th and 5th in their division last year (and both under .500 and spread from being bottom-dwellers by the lowly Pirates) were $80 each. Makes £100 for a Champions League final ticket seem like an absolute steal. Just saying.

  5. MP


  6. Timbers tickets are $20. Too expensive!!

  7. Precious Roy

    TFA: On the flip side of Chicago sports ticketing, think Groupon had a deal for Fire season tix for like $100.

  8. @PR: Soccer tickets are too expensive!! Wait, what? $100. That’s a bargain even FSF would think so, although I’m sure there is a way they could argue the games should be free for anybody who wants to watch as it is a human right to watch soccer in person.

  9. Lennon's Eyebrow

    It’s bullshit that the Champions League final tickets don’t include airfare to London.

  10. @LE, and tea and crumpets as well

  11. Precious Roy

    LE, Brain: Right… I mean don’t they know what awesome fans we are and how much we really want to go?

  12. Ryan

    Did they decide which confederation plays off against which yet? The way I saw it explained, CONCACAF getting 4 spots might have been shooting a little high, but they wanted to get a playoff v. Asia out of the deal.

  13. Ryan

    Ah. I see now that it will be a draw. Seems fair I suppose.

  14. @Ryan, they are going to do a “random” draw to determine which regions play each other for playoffs. Of course this means CONCACAF will play CONMEBOL

  15. Goat

    Hey, lay off the FSF folks. If I had universal health care and college paid for, I’d shoot for cheaper soccer tickets too.

  16. Precious Roy

    Keep in mind for CONCACAF that, with the changes in qualification, the US is likely to never face Mexico. Think it goes: 8 groups of 4 teams – top 2 advance; 4 groups of 4 teams – top 2 advance; 2 groups of 4 – winners advance to World Cup, runners-up playoff for the 3rd spot, loser goes to the regional playoff. If ‘seeded’ then US and Mexico are likely to never be in the same 4-team group.

  17. Universal health care; college tuition paid for; cheaper soccer tickets.

    one of these things is not like the other. ♫ ♫

  18. Goat

    They’re all quality of life issues.

  19. Arkie

    excellent ego-stroking guys. putting the class in class war

  20. @TFA, being in college right now I have the first 2 taken care of, so I will bitch about high ticket prices until I have to pay for my own health care

  21. Precious Roy

    Please Arkie, tell me you know that we keep our tongues planted far enough into our cheeks that we can barely type sometimes.

    /that makes no sense

  22. Lennon's Eyebrow

    It makes sense when you learn that James T is actually a double amputee who types with his mouth.

  23. Arkie

    God double amputees scare me. thankfully they dont have a world cup

    /cut to link of legless players playing footy

  24. @LE, is that just a fancy way of saying he is English?

  25. Ryan

    Double amputee could technically refer to the arms right?

  26. Arkie

    @Ryan: yes, i suppose. that would still hurt a guys balance on his blistering runs though. and how would he take his shirt off to celebrate and get a stupid yellow?

  27. Precious Roy

    This is where we get our pets:

  28. PR has his tongue so firmly in his cheek you can see it protuding from his gluteus maximus.

  29. Arkie

    Hats with personalities. If that’s not an indie bands name I don;t know what is.

  30. James T

    LE’s right. I type with my mouth.

  31. Goat

    You’d think that if the ruling elite wanted to keep the class warfare they’ve been waging as one-sided as possible they’d be all about providing free tickets to sporting events. It worked for the Romans.

  32. WhoNeedsForwards

    My Timbers season ticket cost $360!! Way too expensive!!!

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