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March 10, 2011

Breaking News: French Have No Sense of Humor

Don't Mess with the Messi

Apparently, when Lionel Messi’s name is involved in something, things cease being funny or even slightly humorous. After all, you wouldn’t try to tug on Superman’s cape, would you?

Consider this a case of spitting into the wind I guess.

The president of a village team in France attempted to make an official offer to Barcelona for Lionel Messi as a joke. The French Football Federation (FFF) however, did not find it amusing in the slightest and have banned said club president for six friggin’ months.

Cedric Enjolras of FC Borne attempted to submit the offer online sometime last week to the Spanish giants but someone with the FFF intercepted the joke bid and ratted Enjolras out. Is Raymond Domenech still unemployed? Does anyone suspect he was the snitch in an attempt to get a job again?

Bah, French unemployment benefits likely still pay more than the wages on offer from a lower division side representing a village of 400 people.

The good news for Enjolras is that half of his suspension has been suspended–huh?–so it’s really only three months. But a lesson has indeed been learned. The FFF can’t take a joke.

And you DO NOT mess around when it comes to Messi.

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