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March 12, 2011

Weekend Bootroom: Mancs, Arse, and the Hammer Edition

Look How…Young Giggsy Is

So, unless someone comes along and throws us a Sunday Bootroom, we’ll have to make due with this one. With the Premiership off this weekend, it’s FA Cup action in England but if you’re adventurous, there’s a few Championship matches to fill the void. Germany has some intriguing matches, including Bayern v Hamburg in the battle of which side’s been more disappointing in Bundesliga, along with a 6 pointer relegation duel between Werder Bremen and Borussia Moechengladbach. Sunday has Mainz 05 v Bayern Leverkusen in a tussle for European positioning. Also on Sunday Serie A sees top take on bottom as AC Milan take on Bari and attempt to maintain its points cushion over Inter.

But the most interesting match of the weekend is surely United and Arsenal fighting for a trip to Wembley for the FA Cup semi-finals. With Kenny Chesney out 6 weeks for a hand injury sustained in the Round of 16 Champions League loss to Barcelona, who knows who Wenger will have manning the net. Add to the absentee list Cesc, Walcott, Song, and Vermaelen for this one. The red-nosed Scot will be without Nani–who might still be sewing his leg back together after Carra opened it like a can opener–along with perma-crocked defender Rio Ferdinand.

In the earlier FA Cup quarter-final, Birmingham will attempt to shake off its Carling Cup hangover and push past Stu Holden’s Bolton. Does Brum resemble Portsmouth a bit–possibly on the way to relegation but winning cup matches? Odd indeed.

And speaking of Portsmouth, it’s former gaffer has a chance to return to Wembley again–this time with West Ham United. Uncle Avram takes WHU to the Britannia to try and hammer his way through Tony Pulis’ well-drilled Stoke side. Will Thomas Hitzlsperger spark West Ham to victory as he did when the club rolled Burnley 5-1 in the 5th round?

The weekend ends with aplomb, as Messi takes his weaving artistry to the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan to give Sevilla more heartache in a disappointing La Liga season.┬áSo enjoy, and don’t forget to tip your waiter.

Saturday 12 March 2011

7:45 am Birmingham v Bolton (FA Cup, FS+, FS.tv)
9:30 am Bayern Munich v Hamburger SV (ESPN3.com)
10:00 am Derby County v Swansea (Championship, FS+)
12:00 pm Almeria v Atletico Madrid (GolTV)
12:15 pm Manchester United v Arsenal (FSC)
12:30 pm Werder Bremen v Borussia M’Gladbach (ESPN3.com)
1:00 pm Arles v Lorient (FS.tv)
1:00 pm Lens v Toulouse (FS.tv)
1:00 pm Nancy v Caen (FS..tv)
1:00 pm Nice v Auxerre (FS.tv)
1:00 pm Saint-Etienne v Brest (FS.tv)
1:00 pm Sochaux v Olympique Lyon (FS+, FS.tv)
2:00 pm Real Madrid v Hercules (ESPN3.com)
2:45 pm Cesena v Juventus (ESPN3.com, FSC)
4:00 pm Real Zaragoza v Valencia (ESPN3.com)

Sunday 13 March 2011

7:30 am AC Milan v AS Bari (ESPN3.com, FS+, FS.tv)
9:30 am Willem II v Ajax (Yes, the Dutch, why hate? ESPN3.com)
10:00 am AS Roma v Lazio (ESPN3.com, FSC)
10:00 am Catania v Sampdoria (ESPN3.com)
10:00 am Stoke v West Ham United (FA Cup, FS+, FS.tv)
10:30 am Mainz 05 v Bayer Leverkusen (GolTV)
12:00 pm Espanyol v Deportivo La Coruna (ESPN3.com)
12:00 pm Bordeaux v Monaco (FS.tv)
12:00 pm Lille v Valennciennes (For Eden Hazard, of course–FS.tv)
12:45 pm Manchester City v Reading (FA Cup, FSC)
2:00 pm Villarreal v Sporting Gijon (GolTV)
3:45 pm Parma v Napoli (ESPN3.com, FSC)
4:00 pm PSG v Montpellier (FS+, FS.tv)
4:00 pm Sevilla v Barcelona (GolTV)

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Outside Mid



  1. Precious Roy

    We are snakebit.

  2. Wacman

    @OM, That’s the thing, I’m not convinced Arsenal can get all the parts together at the right time to win anything. At the crucial moment, something goes awry, be it injury or mental lapse, or even the inability to create an actual clear cut chance

  3. Outside Mid

    Emergency defenders need to be signed over a GK? Who’s left if Djourou’s out for a while?

  4. Precious Roy

    I’m pretty sure that for the rest of my life the Chesney not getting sent off in the Carling Cup final is going to be used to try to make the point that the calls balance out.

  5. Outside Mid

    Why are the green/gold scarvers still out there? Really goofy–still.

  6. Wacman

    If I had to describe this performance in one word, I’d say toothless. We didn’t have the bite we needed. It feels EXACTLY like the last time we played them. A bunch of half chances, nothing to exciting, they kill us on the counter/fluke/moment of sheer brilliance

  7. Ouch. All I can say is ouch

  8. Outside Mid

    Alright, more yard work to do.

  9. Wacman

    @OM, It’s like the birther movement lol

  10. Wacman

    Arsenal fans are not getting ‘arry Rednapp-y….

  11. seriously – how is Scholes still on?

  12. Wacman

    Paul Scholes, tackle master…
    and apparently push master as well…

  13. absolutely ridiculous that Scholes doesn’t get a card for that

  14. Precious Roy

    How the fuck does he not get sent off?… what a prick.

  15. Eladio

    Scholes is a top shelf cunt.

  16. Wacman

    So, nothing then…nice jobs ref, hope you enjoy the wine in Fergie’s office after the match…

  17. Precious Roy

    Postives: Manny is playing well. If we can find a center back for a stop gap and maybe get a lucky bounce or two, we can still have a run at the league.


  18. even I admit scholes should have been off. but please don’t say that or the shoulder injury had a real effect on the game. it was won already.

  19. Wacman

    No worries TSE, United totally had the better performance. No anger from us today, only disappointment

  20. Outside Mid

    Watching the replay of the Bolton/Brum match, Elmander’s 1st goal was a nice result of great offensive movements by Bolton.

  21. Shane

    Arsenal did not win any trophies (?)

  22. Shane

    You think Bari would take $10 to mow Me-Lawn?
    /it’s not a bribe if it’s for services rendered

  23. Shane

    Straight red for Zlatan. Well done.

  24. Shane

    Rugby tackle, then act as though you’re the injured one. Only in Italy.

  25. Orr

    It’s all part of the fun Shane

  26. Shane

    This is an absurd performance all around.

  27. Orr

    What are you watching on Shane? I’m just following the feed

  28. Shane

    FSP. Free trial on Direct this week.
    Cassano wondering where his money went. If you’re an Italian, don’t speak with something over your mouth. Stereotype fulfillment.

  29. Orr

    Well it’s over now. Very lucky now that Inter also drew, but a tremendous disappointment still. Could be 7 points clear today.

  30. Shane

    I can’t believe I sat through that. That was uncomfortable to watch.

  31. Orr

    What do you mean Shane?

  32. Shane

    Just the whole match. Whinging Italians, ref who wanted to be on camera a little too much, Milan fighting themselves more than the opponent… I just can’t do the Serie A.

  33. Shane

    Now, I must get back to the riveting football that is United v. ‘Well…
    /happy in his delusion
    //as long as there’s alcohol involved

  34. Orr

    Fair enough Shane, it’s not for everybody

  35. Shane

    FSP, on he ball enough to cut to Stoke/West Ham only 4.27 into the match.
    It’s a wonder I don’t pay $15/month for this pile of shit.

  36. Shane

    @Orr: Nah, just that match was like watching one of your friends hit on a girl way out of his league. Just awkward, and you want to look away but you don’t want to miss the FAIL moment.

  37. Shane

    I think the pitch at the Britannia is slightly wider than my coffee table. Maybe…

  38. the Roma v Lazio match would be better if Riise broke Mexes’ leg

  39. Shane

    @NYK: My pancakes would taste better if…

  40. they were covered in whiskey?

  41. Shane

    Good lord Stoke are a dirty team.

  42. Shane

    @NYK: Good idea!

  43. Shane

    @NYK: Works if you add it to the syrup first.

  44. Ryan

    Ball don’t lie.

  45. Arkie

    Stoke as darkhorse for FA cup?

  46. this Roma v Lazio match has now seen 2 sending offs

  47. Orr

    Quite an end here in Rome

  48. Arkie

    damnit, I knew I shoulda given Seria A a chance today. How many fascist salutes in the Roma/Lazio match?

  49. Ryan

    FA Cup Semifinal draw:
    Manchester United v. Man City/Reading
    Stoke v. Bolton
    Of course.

  50. @Ryan: Just go ahead and lose today so you don’t have to feel the pain of a loss to United.

  51. RFCSean

    @TSE: Really TSE?!?! Cause it will surely be a great day to watch Reading take down ManU at Wembley.

    Just can’t stand the condescension coming from the FSC talking heads regarding Reading. Royals have the pelts of Premier League sides like Everton, West Brom, Liverpool and Burnley in this competition the past two seasons. They won’t bow to the money of ManShity.

  52. @Sean: I find you opinion interesting and would like to sign up for your newsletter.

    Actually, I’m not slagging off Reading as much as slagging off Citeh. They’re shit, and they’re playing like shit right now.

  53. Wacman

    @Shane, So THAAAAAT’s why I had FS+ this week during Spring Break…makes sense

  54. RFCSean

    @TSE: I know you’re not slagging Reading and yes, Citeh have been shit so far. I don’t like the way the game is getting stretched, but I think Reading can unlock Citeh’s defense by attacking down the flanks with Kebe and McAnuff’s pace and with crosses into the box to Shane Long. Longy’s great in the air.

  55. Wacman

    @TSE, Based on the 5 minutes of this game I’ve watched, you are correct sir!

  56. Ryan

    Oh, I don’t think this has been so bad to watch. Chances at both ends.

  57. @ryan: rose colored glasses. despite citeh’s chances, they haven’t played well overall.

  58. Ryan

    Nope, don’t believe I said they were playing well. My point though is that from an entertainment perspective, you could do a lot worse.

  59. Wacman

    @Ryan, Phone’s for you, Stoke on Line 1

  60. Outside Mid

    And my feed unfreezes to see Gramps Viera on the ground.

  61. Outside Mid

    Missed the 1st half–are Citeh actively playing for a draw or has Reading been that firm defensively?

  62. @OM: Reading keeper has been spectacular, but Citeh just didn’t have any passion in the first half.

  63. RFCSean

    @OM: Alex McCarthy has been strong in net for Reading. Lots of all hands on deck defending from Reading, but they’ve stood strong against Moneychester City.

  64. Orr

    Can Reading reply now?

  65. Outside Mid

    Friggin’ stream–did Richards just score on the corner?

  66. Outside Mid

    Now it appears Long must stretch for the equalizer. He might have to play a bit deeper, work a bit stronger. Will width be a problem?

  67. Outside Mid

    Camon Royals–make Citeh have to play another match!

  68. Orr

    Good effort from Reading

  69. Outside Mid

    Ah well. A club from Manchester perhaps against Bolton in the final–might not be a bad match.

  70. Ryan

    Lol. Passion? What utter nonsense.

  71. RFCSean

    Gutted but proud to support a club like Reading FC! Now must push for promotion.


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