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March 16, 2011

Player Alleges Russian Club Beat Him Until He Agreed To Break His Contract

Nikola Nikezic says that his Russian Premier League team, Kuban Krasnodar, beat him until he agreed to terminate his contract. Nikezic alleges in a meeting he was asked to break his contract and when he said no he was beaten for twenty minutes until he agreed by a couple of thugs. He says they threatened to make him an invalid.

Kuban’s sporting director Sergei Doronchenko responded by calling the claims wild. ”It’s clear that this football player and his acquaintances just want money from Kuban,” Doronchenko said. ”We are shocked by such news. … It’s pure idiocy.”

Well, if he wanted money from Kuban why would he agree to terminate his contract?

I think this is where I should add, in Russia contract breaks you.

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