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April 21, 2011

Now THAT’s How to Fine A Player!

What he said…

Taking a bold step that an English club would never have the coconuts to do, a Chinese football club has fined their newly-acquired Brazilian midfielder, Renato Adriano Jacó Morais, AND self-imposed a three game suspension.

In the immortal words of Lil’ John: “WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!?”

His fine amounts includes a £12,257 deduction from the players salary and another £28,016 will be fined outright. He was immediately moved to the back up team and his return to the first team will be performance based.

What could case such a HUGE fine AND punishment, you wonder? No, it’s not for having four names that none of them can pronounce.

The player did not “shake hands with his coach or show his thanks to the fans after he was substituted in a 2-2 draw.”

The club is sending a message that that sort of behavior is not “OKAAAAAAAY.”

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  1. Orr

    He got off easy. Failing to respect authority in China has worked out far worse before.

  2. Dustin

    Wonder what they’ll do when he asks for a trade.

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