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April 25, 2011

Bootroom: Manchester City v. Blackburn

Mario has a five point plan for success.

Well, well, well, another Monday afternoon (evening if you’re in Europe) Premier League match.  It’s not the sexiest matchup with Manchester City visiting Ewood Park but it does not mean there is no import to the fixture.  Manchester City is still trying to hold on to that final Champions League spot. 

City is one point ahead of Spurs after the London side coughed up two points to Woy and West Bwom on Saturday.  However, the Argentine talisman Carlos Tevez is still out with a hamstring injury leaving the Italian enigma Mario Balotelli or the Bosnia bust Edin Dzeko to lead the attack for light blue side of Manchester. 

Blackburn on the other hand is only one point clear of the relegation zone. So, a victory would go a long way to securing its spot for next season.  Thankfully Blackburn will be without its Paraguayan poseur Roque Santa Cruz who is on loan from Citeh and ineligible to suit up.  Not that it would make much difference since he hasn’t put in a good performance in probably two years. 

Two sides in desperate need of a victory on a Monday?  Sounds like a 2-2 draw to me.

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