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April 26, 2011

Early Bird Gets The Worm For MLS Sponsorships

MLS' preferred hangover cause.

MLS and US Soccer announced a new exciting sponsorship yesterday with Brown-Forman, owner of Casa Herradura Tequilas, to be the official tequila sponsor for organizations.  This is a four year sponsorship and Brown-Forman joins other beverage sponsors Budweiser, Pepsi, Gatorade, and Aquafina.  If you are car Castrol might be a beverage to you, although I don’t know if a car would be reading this post. 

Brown-Forman is obviously very excited about this opportunity to reinforce stereotypes.  From the release:

Experts are bullish on the prospects for soccer in the United States.  According to a poll conducted in December 2010 by the Sports Business Journal, sports business executives overwhelmingly voted soccer and MLS as the sport and league with the most growth potential.  Additionally, Nielsen studies show Hispanic consumers are some of the most avid soccer fans—from playing recreationally to attending matches or watching it at home with friends. Those same studies show el Jimador Tequila consumers are even more likely than others to watch soccer live or on TV, and soccer viewership is one of the top occasions when Hispanic consumers imbibe in tequila.

I can only see great things happening with more tequila at MLS games. I also can’t wait until Gordon’s vodka becomes the official vodka of MSL. I wonder if there will be an official absinthe, although that may just attract more hipsters to the games.

Anyway, now that we have MLS blessing…


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  1. Goat

    First Home Depot and now tequila. I wonder what other potential sponsors will be coming on board to exploit Mexican stereotypes.

  2. @Goat, the US Department of Agriculture?

  3. BG

    Let’s face it. It’s a lot easier to enjoy an MLS game if you’re wasted. Tequila gets you there a lot faster than beer, so there’s less sober viewing time. Now, let’s get an official rum sponsor on board.

  4. Also would we get the US Border Patrol as the official law enforcement sponsor of MLS

  5. Georger

    Are Mexicans genetically predisposed to falling for pyramid schemes?

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