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April 26, 2011

It’s That Time Again

Voting time.

It appears that despite the misgivings, allegations of shenanigans and improprieties, and, well, I guess that’s plenty, UF has been nominated by EPL Talk for Best EPL Blog.  Although, there has been a byzantine qualification process added to the whole popularity contest voting system. Perhaps this is punitive, or the cynic might think it is a naked pageview grab.

Collectively we still disdain these gimics, although we do appreciate the acknowledgment. We also know that we will not be able to stop this horrendous trend on the internet. People love to vote and clicking a button is really easy.

We know not many of the other nominees, so there is one positive that can come from this. We will read different blogs and familiarize ourselves with new writers. It’s not all bad.

Here’s the link for the poll.

Also, we very much appreciate the good words of the fellow nominees left in the comments on the EPL Talk post. Which we will not be linking.

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  1. Georger, exclusively

    Just me or are there a lot less “big” names on there this year?

  2. Georger, exclusively

    (Seven goals and one assist)

  3. If you do just the poll and then go visit the actual EPL Talk page, you can vote twice in a row. Is that considered “Chicago-style” voting?

  4. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    I feel you’ve lost your fastball a bit over the past year, UF. I’ll need the standard FIFA duffel bag of non-consecutive sequence bills to secure my vote this year.

  5. @WSR – HA! The joke’s on you; we’re poor.

  6. James T

    No; we were dropped to the qualifying round. All the “big” names are presumably waiting in the next round robin.

  7. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Wait a minute, so 17 other blogs have already qualified? You didn’t even make the initial shortlist? You guys are slipping dangerously close to 4th rate territory.

  8. Georger

    Wow I thought you were kidding and then I looked at the site. What a bunch of pretentious jackasses OH LOOK I CAN WIN SHIT FROM HEINEKEN!

  9. MP

    EPL Talk can get f-cked

  10. @LE – sadly, we are paralleling Arsenal’s season.

  11. @NYK, and Spurs season as well

  12. Just so you all know, we have confirmation that this whole thing is just a pageview grab. Not that any of you couldn’t or didn’t figure it out yourselves.

  13. MSP

    Do you guys still consider yourself an “EPL” blog?

    /wants to read more EPL specific things on this site

  14. F*ck EPLTalk in the pants. The Gaffer can KMRIA.

  15. @MSP: we are EPL centric but we do a lot more than that.

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