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May 9, 2011

Monday Backpasses: Jumping The Gun

Chelsea’s shirt preview had a now-glaring cock-up [Football Shirts]

Three players in the five biggest Euro leagues have scored more than half of their club’s goals this season [TB11]

So, now that MLS has (rather quickly) had another horror tackle, what should Mondaini’s punishment be? [SBI]

Heart of Midlothian’s owner had a feeling a certain defender would be sent off, so he told the coach to bench the player. The player’s replacement was sent off on the hour mark [The Offside]

Why 19 is so much better than 18 [LBitCR]

David Luiz learned some English. My personal favorite moment from Sunday’s match [Pies]

Zlatan Ibrahimovich will never change. And why should he, with that incredible streak of league titles with five different clubs? [Dirty Tackle]

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  1. Tno

    Say what you want about Zlatan, but that run of titles is impressive.

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