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May 10, 2011

More MLS Salary Information Fun

A big thank you to the commenters that answered my clarion call for the MLS salaries in manipulatable form, the response was quick and complete. I was quite impressed.

Going through the data revealed some more interesting facts about the MLS salary structure.

  • The average guaranteed salary for an MLS player is $154,851.70.
  • But, the median guaranteed salary is $80,050.00.

When your mean salary is nearly twice the median salary the pay inequities are beyond obvious. 

  • The top 50 salary earners make $38,906,982.43 in guaranteed salary.
  • The total guaranteed salary for MLS is $80,213,179.44

Oooh bars.

The NY and LA clubs have total payrolls of $13,397,087.04 and $12,419,679.12, respectively.  The next highest payroll is Chicago with $4,794,742.72.  The Portland Timbers have the lowest payroll with $2,652,557.59, followed by Chivas USA and San Jose. 

The disparate payrolls prove that a club may be able to buy cachet but not necessarily a title.  The two highest payrolls have not won any silverware since the creation of the designated player. LA only made the title game two seasons ago and NY reached the title game in 2008 before it had its big DPs.  Those great t-shirt sales fill the coffers but they cannot help improve the quality of play in the league or provide for adequate refereeing. 


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