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May 12, 2011

Score A Goal In Nives Celzijus

Fill her like Ronaldo!

Everybody’s favorite Croatian WAG Nives Celzijus hasn’t graced the UF pages in a while but thankfully she has released a “hit song” that gives us pause to consider her lovely talents once again.  Celzijus, the sexpot wife of Dino Drpic who had him take her in the center cirlce of the Dinamo Zagreb, has penned an anthem for WAGs. 

The suggestive lyrics contain winning lines referring to soccer stars of today like Cristiano Ronaldo.  Nives wants someone–you?–to “fill me like Ronaldo.”  Even more suggestive is this lin “Goal, goal, goal, score me a goal. I’m naked, you are naked, score me a goal.”

Here is the supposed video of the song, I didn’t have the stones to actually click play but she says an English version will be released:

I wonder if she ever sings about slipping one past the keeper in the fertility sense.

Nives says she is just ” just telling the truth about footballers and the women who follow them.”

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  1. Mountain Wag

    Watching he video, you’ll only understand the “goal” references…they must have a translation for “Ronaldo” because you don’t hear about him…but she does mention David Villa and Zatalan…all while in a low-cut top. You’re in luck!

  2. MP

    “Fill me like Ronaldo” is almost too good to be true. Does she mean hard and bending? Or does she mean 36 times? Or maybe she means in the upper corner. So many questions…

  3. @MP: she probably means lots of foreplay first (stepovers and the like) then repeated blasts into her uterian wall from free kicks.

  4. Goat

    Are we all going to just ignore the obvious Siemens on her chest joke?

  5. @goat: i was wondering when somebody would notice that.

  6. Does she reference any Spurs players shooting blanks?

  7. Mountain Wag

    @Goat – I noticed it, but thought if no males had said anything about it yet, it obviously wasn’t as funny as I thought it was. /guess I was wrong…

  8. Goat

    @MW: I just assumed everyone else was more mature than me.

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