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May 25, 2011

No Way To Watch: How Would You Handle It?

Food Fight!

After eight months and however many matches, Manchester United faces Barcelona in the Champions League final at 2 p.m. EDT on Fox. The match pits my favorite team against the “best team in the world” in the biggest match of the year.

And I’m going to miss it.

As many of you know, I work at a university. Well, this weekend is reunion and commencement weekend. While the unnamed Premiership footballer and his teammates try to break down Lionel Messi and his crew, I will be interviewing graduates on their eighth cocktail for a social media feature. In fact, I likely won’t get home until about 10 p.m. on Saturday.

So my question: What would you do?

Sure, this is an opportunity to rip me for being a United fan, for not making time for my team, for whatever. Faced with the same situation, however, how would you handle it? I have an iPhone, so I can keep track of the score, but I’m debating whether to go on complete Twitter/Facebook/Soccernet radio silence and waiting until late at night to watch the match.

Give me your suggestions and your grief. Besides, since I’m the only UFer whose team really has a shot at being in this position every year (with two exceptions), this might be the only time you ever get to think about your team in the Champions League final.

There you go. Let me have it. And think about me while you’re watching. Ugh.

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  1. dan

    And while you’re at it, anyone know of any good places in St Louis to watch?

  2. MP

    Oof. I did the whole phone/internet/twitter silence thing for the defacto title game against Chelsea, and it worked beautifully. Its effectiveness all comes down to your particular level of self-control. Typically, I have none, but I had a game at the exact same time, which successfully occupied my thoughts while the United game was in progress.

  3. I can’t do radio silence. Plus, if you find out your team loses before watching the game, you may be able to avoid a lot of pain. And, if they win, well, that will make watching the game so much more fun.

  4. bergkampesdios

    I’m routinely unable to watch Arsenal matches due to work. All family and friends know I will not even look at text messages or answer the phone during or after important games until I’ve had a chance to watch the dvr.
    Go radio silent. If you lose, you didn’t ruin the rest of your day. If you win, well, fuck you.

  5. Outside Mid

    @ TSE: I would follow along the best way I could. Everytime I tried to go silence/ignore during one of Spurs’ CL matches this season, inevitably when I finally had time to sit for a replay I was somehow apprised of the score before even watching a ball kick. Isn’t there some app from Fox Sports to watch on mobile or something?

  6. Han-ball

    Knowing the result only, not when or by whom the goals come, is fantastic entertainment when I did it for the WC a few times. Every attack I was wondering ‘is this it?!?!’ especially as you’re one goal away from the (known) final and time dwindles. Never been a more entertaining way to watch a game for me.
    Of course, if you find out the score and its 0-3, you’re in for a depressing match.

  7. ILikeAEK

    I would just go silent. I mean, unless you have an urge to see Barcelona’s goals.

  8. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    I would consider paying someone to ruin the event so I could watch the match.

  9. ivy

    I agree with TFA and Han-Ball. I hate waiting all day to watch the match I recorded, only to lose and be pissed about it. I also like knowing the score but not the scoring details. But who are we kidding, Barca’s gonna win anyway, so you might as well skip it…

  10. MP

    @TSE: No offense (that’s a lie) to all the inferior clubs that this lot support, but this isn’t a regular Saturday game against Citeh, or an FA Cup Fourth Round second leg. This is the Champions League final. You must watch it without knowing the result. And if Barca put on a passing clinic and slice us apart for 4 goals, so be it. But if we pull this sh-t off, watching SAF lift that trophy won’t be the same if you know that it’s coming all along.

  11. @MP: Suck it, and keep on sucking it. I can’t cotton to watching a delayed sporting event for any reason even if you avoid finding out the score. It’s like eating not-fresh donuts. It just ain’t the same.

  12. @TFA: Don’t you mean doughnuts?
    /spelling snob

  13. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. I’ll play it by ear unless someone else here comes up with some awesome idea. Now if the match was on ESPN, I could watch it, but noooooooo

  14. I’m a Villa fan. For a while this season, I had to go silent for quite a few games; I’ve only had it spoiled once or twice in the last five years when I’ve had to do it. It’s also refreshing to break away from the normal web/phone habits every now and again.

  15. Wedel

    Can you get a stream on your phone? If the interviewees are hammered, they won’t notice that you’re wearing your phone on your wrist like a hipster DICK Tracy. If they do, tell them you’re configuring “the equipment” and frown importantly at the phone so it looks like work in between questions.
    /also, fuck you Berg

  16. @WSR – one does not interrupt commencement at Slippery Rock University!

  17. mightymightydr

    As good as a solution as it might seem, radio silence at a university just ain’t gonna happen; there will most certainly be some recent grad following the game and he/she will unwittingly break radio silence, much to your chagrin. So, don’t do radio silence. How about having a friend text/email you updates every five minutes? Or follow the UF liveblog and comments?

  18. @TSE: i dare you to find a dictionary that doesn’t have “donuts” in it as a variant spelling.

  19. Tno

    Wait and watch it later.

  20. Last year for the WC my friend was able to watch the US games through a stream on Justin TV, apparently they have some sort of app for the iphone. I figured it is worth a look at.

    @NYK, Slipper Rock is overrated, or at leasts thats what I tell my friends who go there

  21. bergkampesdios

    And a hearty fuck yourself to you, too, Wedel.

  22. Wedel

    Thanks for that, cheers, Berg!

  23. James T

    Hey, TSE: I’ll text you after every scintillating Barca goal! Sound good?

  24. @TFA: Ah, yes, the “it’s an alternate spelling” defense. Why use an alternate spelling when the proper one is correct?
    @JT: Suck it and keep sucking it.
    @All: I am going radio silent. I will not know the score until I get home and watch the game wearing nothing but a MUFC Snuggie.

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