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June 30, 2011

Thursday Backpasses: Gaelic

Happy for Gibbs

So, it appears the last player linking Arsene Wenger’s squad of Invincibles to today’s current class of bottlers is moving on to the blue skies hanging over Manchester, as Citeh threw £2 million more than Liverpool did at Arsenal to sign Gael Clichy. Rumors abound as to the availability of Nasri as well, and if that comes to fruition along with Cesc finally leaving for Barca, it appears class is indeed out at the Emirates and the Professor’s looking for new students.

Speaking of Cesc, this women’s football club in Russia is trying to sell it by wearing bikinis in matches this year. Don’t make me type out the club’s name. [Metro]

And this is indeed very much NSFW, so you have been duly warned. One question: why’s Hope Solo the most clothed player? [WAATP]

How the Seattle Supersonics and AFC Wimbledon are related. [RoP]

David Bentley was never going to be the “new Beckham.” Instead, he’s always been ol’ Dave and we should have known. [WSC]

Valderrama love. At least this statue makes sense. [LBitCR]

Another gratiutious link to other junk I’ve been doing, like giving this guy info about soccer in the Deep South. [IBWM]

Finally, Gaelic football is serious business in San Francisco apparently. Do they break out the shotguns for ultimate frisbee? [Irish Central]

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