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July 1, 2011

Friday Backpasses: Ill Communications

You Talkin' to Me?

So, today apparently was Canada Day, and my google-fu tells me it is the day marking the union of former British colonies with the French provinces, thus forcing America’s Hat to make their street signs in two languages. Previously known as “Dominion Day,” the holiday’s name was switched around 1982 when the Canadians realized the only year England dominated was 1966, and it’s all been downhill from there.

Wills & Kate marked the occasion by hanging out in Ottawa for the day–what a crap way to come back from a honeymoon, eh?


Canada Women’s national coach is getting a bit of the Tracksuit Bob treatment after going down hard to the French. The French! [CSN]

The Worldwide Leader in Letters really thought Messi said that, or did they let the one-eyed intern wearing sunglasses at night post this up? [Dirty Tackle

Jack Warner would be so pleased. A director who was part of that Olympic Stadium vote awarding the venue to West Ham used to do consulting work for the Hammers. She thought she should tell the OPLC–last night. [Sky Sports]

Trying to be Clough at Forest without winning silverware gets you the sack. [The 72]

Any of you lot want USSF to snap up Charlie Mulgrew for the US defense? [STV]

Still upset over Italy overshadowing them with that Roman Empire and Calciopoli thing, it appears Greece decided to do match-fixing bigger and better. [BBC]

And finally, Blackburn Rovers get rejected by an Indian club for a summer friendly. Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around? [Times of India]

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  1. MP

    Uh oh BG, que pasó?

  2. Ryan

    It isn’t Batista’s fault his team isn’t as talented as the others.
    Oh, sorry, I’m getting my arguments confused.

  3. Jacob

    I’d take Mulgrew. Killer free kicks too. Shane, on the other hand, probably double hates him.

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