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July 19, 2011

Why Jeff MacGregor? Why?

Jeff MacGregor's Halloween costume?

The premise of this post is a question.  In particular, why?  But also some hows and whats and whos and whatfors?

Why did Jeff MacGregor write this column

Why did he think this was a strong gimmick to premise his column on? 

Did he not have enough words to fill his quota?  That doesn’t make much sense when you are just publishing on the internet does it?

Who is going to give him the whatfor? Any volunteers?

Is he completely wrong?  

Sport is how we provide definite answers about ourselves when life is full of unanswerable and neverending questions.  Sport is finite.  Win, lose or draw there is a beginning and an end that is predetermined.  The score is known.  Life is not so easily defined.  

So, to answer your question Mr. MacGregor, sport is not for writing a column full of questions that takes little thought and provides no answers, sport is for escaping the never ending question that is life providing some definition to a malleable existence.

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  1. Goat

    I’m sorry–I couldn’t read that article. When I clicked on the link Skip Bayless began talking about soccer and I had to throw my computer out the window.

  2. MP

    /bludgens self to death with keyboard

  3. Precious Roy had a nice bit of ire directed at Carles of Hipster Runoff and his excessive use of quotation marks around words that was entirely unnecessary. Something about quote mark key from keyboard and placing it in an orifice of Carles. I have the same ire towards MacGregor’s use of the question mark.

  4. BG

    To be honest, any punctuation mark, whether it’s quotes, question marks, or semicolons, can, sometimes, get annoying, when used excessively, if you’re just trying to read a blog post, as I often do, which, really, makes it hard to understand the writer’s point, if you ask me, which you didn’t.

  5. jjf3

    Go read Joe Posnanski’s piece on his blog, inspired tangentially by the WWC final, and hopefully that will counteract the ill effects* of getting more than a paragraph or two into McGregor’s inane ponderings.

    *”ill effects” not to include chunking computers out of windows

  6. @BG +1
    So Shitland had another fantastic soccer article yesterday. Its really pretty impressive how they continue to screw everything up

  7. @Brian: which one is that? I didn’t see one for today…just yesterday’s installment.

  8. @TFA, the Goodbye Solo one, the first part of it was typical awfulness of their soccer pieces, the second part actually made some sense, but no need to give credit where it is due for that site, its easier to just hate on everyone

  9. Anne

    I was with him until he went from asking ‘what is a woman’ to segue into ‘why are women paid less’… I didn’t realize we cared about this any more. Maybe the article as a whole was an ill-written satire jesting at every other article written trying to reconcile the US’s loss.

    Regardless, I’m avoiding the television- as an optimist, I’m thrilled I won’t have to endure a Disney/inspirational/sports/trimuph remake, though now must tread lightly until the inevitable Lifetime movie passes…

    This opinion was brought to you by a redirection from Yahoo! Dirty Tackle Blog’s Links! page…

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