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July 19, 2011

Why Jeff MacGregor? Why?

Jeff MacGregor's Halloween costume?

The premise of this post is a question.  In particular, why?  But also some hows and whats and whos and whatfors?

Why did Jeff MacGregor write this column

Why did he think this was a strong gimmick to premise his column on? 

Did he not have enough words to fill his quota?  That doesn’t make much sense when you are just publishing on the internet does it?

Who is going to give him the whatfor? Any volunteers?

Is he completely wrong?  

Sport is how we provide definite answers about ourselves when life is full of unanswerable and neverending questions.  Sport is finite.  Win, lose or draw there is a beginning and an end that is predetermined.  The score is known.  Life is not so easily defined.  

So, to answer your question Mr. MacGregor, sport is not for writing a column full of questions that takes little thought and provides no answers, sport is for escaping the never ending question that is life providing some definition to a malleable existence.

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