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July 20, 2011

Could Female Footballers Suit Up In MLS?

The title above was a discussion point on PTI yesterday and the simple answer is yes, female players could suit up for an MLS squad (unless there is some regulation preventing it). But, they would likely never get off the bench if it were a meaningful match.  Any such signing would be a mere publicity stunt to sell tickets. 

She may distract the opposition.

This is not meant to denigrate the ability or skill of the female footballers displayed at the World Cup.  Far from it.  But it is a reflection in the disparity of athleticism between males and females at a professional level.  Even the benchwarmers on the USWNT that never made it into a game (hello Heather Mitts) are better soccer players than 90% of all males.  Even Marta, the five time women’s player of the year would struggle in MLS as the men bullied her off the ball and outpaced her on the field. 

Perhaps Hope Solo at goalkeeper would be the most feasible player to suit up for an MLS squad.  That is a position where positioning and reflexes are more important than pace, but her lack of size compared to males would likely be a detriment.

So, why the picture of Nives Celzijus? 

Because the Croation WAG has just signed on to play with NK Slaven Belupo in the Croatian first division.  (Presumably this is a men’s team as no mention of a women’s team is in the report nor can one be located on the web.) Nives, wife of Croatian international Dino Drpic, will join Slaven Belupo on Friday in a match against Zagreb FC.  Reports are that Celzijus will not start but should appear in the match later on.  Of course. 

She is going to try to fill the goal up like Ronaldo just like in her song, which she is surely promoting along with her new book “In a bed with Cristiano.” 


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