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July 21, 2011

Wednesday Backpasses: Dapper Dans

Couldn’t Find the Toon Match Televised, but Imagining This Was The Kit

Last night, Newcastle United began their pre-season tour of the US with a friendly against THE Sporting KC United of Kansas and Missouri. Or something like that.

Anywho, three names were absent the squad sheets, as they were denied visas for entering this fair land of ours. One, of course, is Joey Barton, denied for his criminal record, as is Nile Ranger. The third, though, was new summer signing Yohan Cabaye, who was denied entry due to an unpaid dental bill. Call me crazy, but wouldn’t the US dentist he owes the money to have wanted him to be able to swing by his office to finally pay that before the issue was resolved?

Gah, the roots of our legal system should be pulled out, irrigated, and re-braced. And there, my friends, is your dental hygenist’s JOKE OF THE DAY!

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s just something about a green shirt that’s done right. The new Norwich away kit will be a welcome sight in the Prem.[Football Fashion]

Those bloody time zones! Seems time’s run out for Corinthians to sign Caveman, so the deal’s dead. That, or Citeh called Kia’s bluff methinks. [FourFourTwo]

It’s time to move on from the Liberty Belles. Jump on the bandwagon for the US Paralympic Team that’s qualified for the 2012 Olympics. [MFUSA]

Here’s one link with a set of all those interesting PK takes, including that back-heeled beauty. If I was the keeper in the Iceland match, though, I’d have punched that jerk in the face after the game was over. [NYT Goal]

And finally, this one’s worth it just for the image above the article. Modric, Cesc, & Nasri are indeed men of constant sorrow. [Sky Sports]

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