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July 26, 2011

Krkic Sale Is Not Quite A Sale

Bojan Krkic is going to the other side of the Mediterranean. Will his lady friend go too?

Last week Barcelona announced it had sold striker Bojan Krkic to Roma for 12 million Euros.  It turns out that the “sale” was not really a sale but a glorified loan that was slightly more expensive than a regular loan for Barcelona. 

This week it was revealed that while Roma has agreed to purchase Krkic its payment is not due until July 1, 2013.  However, under the terms of the sale Barcelona is obliged to buy back Krkic for 13 million euros at the end of the 2012-13 season.  Roma can stop the buyback provisions with an additional payment of a mere 28 million more euros for a total of 40 million euros. 

For the burden of Krkic’s 3.2 million euro salary per year, Roma gets to utilize the talents of the almost 21-year old Spanish striker plus earn the club an additional 1 million Euros.  Barcelona on the other hand gets out of salary obligations of Krkic for two seasons but ensure his return to the Catalan club, but if he does not develop can surely negotiate a lesser transfer fee at the end of the deal.

The deal speaks to the financial hardships experienced by both clubs.  Barcelona cannot afford to pay all of its players salaries.  Roma on the other hand cannot afford transfer fees to strengthen its squad despite being purchased by the American Thomas Di Benedetto.

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  1. Goat

    Part of me kinda wishes Barca goes the way of Leeds.

  2. Oh, and the part I forgot…this doesn’t mean there is an additional 12 million euros in Barca’s transfer kitty to secure Fabregas.

  3. Goat

    @TFA: That’s no problem. The way I understand it Arsenal is obligated to give him to Barcelona for free.

  4. MP

    @Goat: That’s correct. Barca do not negotiate with terrorists/kidnappers.

  5. Goat

    That’s true except Arsenal can’t, by definition, be terrorists. They’re not Muslim.

  6. @Goat: Are you part of that cell Breviek was talking about?

  7. @Goat: Is Nasri already gone?

  8. Goat

    @TFA: He’s non-practicing and not swarthy. Hence, I think he gets a pass.

  9. MP

    @Goat: Chamakh may be Moroccan, but that name is terrorist-y enough for me.

  10. Goat

    @MP: Damn! I guess I’m just trying to forget about Chamakh.

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