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July 28, 2011

Bradley Out


That’s no longer a plea, or a suggestion of something we’d like to see happen. It’s now a statement of fact. No, really.

Over at USSoccer’s official website is the press release, but the title makes it pretty unambiguous: Bradley’s Tenure as Head Coach of U.S. Men’s National Team Ends.

We’re kind of taken aback as we just assumed we’d be stuck until the next World Cup. So color us surprised.

Now the search begins. Before everyone gets all excited, remember Sunil still has his job, so the likely replacement will probably underwhelm.

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Precious Roy


  1. BG

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Bob.

  2. Precious Roy

    For all the negative things I’ve said about him, I don’t take joy in his getting fired for any reason other than we should be able to do better.

  3. Welcome back Bobby Convey to the national team ladies and gentlemen.

  4. Someone get Maradona on the phone, stat!

  5. MP

    I don’t believe that this is real.

  6. corky

    Wow. Gulatt has to have someone already lined up…announcement on Friday!

    Kind of scared/excited to see how Baby Bradley takes this.

  7. ballisround66

    Has to be Sigi Schmid!

  8. Lucius

    Glad to hear it, but I do find the timing somewhat strange. Extended after a mediocre (and lucky to be mediocre) World Cup, and almost a month after the Gold Cup Final debacle.

    Were they just waiting to make it official until they had someone else lined up?

    • Outside Mid

      @ Lucius: Sounds like it, especially from the bottom of that release about an announcement on Friday.

  9. Let’s see who we can come up with as replacements (need not be realistic just out of a job):

    Klinsmann, Reis, Ancelotti, Maradona, Batista…

  10. MP

    @corky: I think this will be the best thing that ever happened to Baby Boy

  11. bergkampesdios

    Echo PR. Never questioned his desire/determination, just the work product.

  12. Wow, good for Gulati to do this. Despite my misgivings about Bob I will give him credit for wanting to play the best teams in hostile environments. Also in his work has brought the team to the point where fans demand better. For those things I salute him

  13. corky

    @MP. Completely agree.

    Like berg and PR, I think Bob did the best he could. He’s a good MLS coach and probably could be functional in Scandinavia or Championship in England.

    That being said, it sure seemed like he lost the team in the Gold Cup.

  14. Signal to Noise

    There has to be the replacement in the wings already. Not Gulati’s style to have a wide-open search and no back-up plan.

    I can hope he finally gave the world to Klinsmann, but it’s probably another MLS coach. Still, the move needed to be made last year and it was really obvious during Gold Cup play, where we looked listless and beatable by anyone if they didn’t bury themselves.

  15. @Signal, I hope he didn’t give anything to Klinsmann. I’m not connived he has the ability to succeed. A lot of people indicated Low was more responsible for 06 success

  16. Lennon's Eyebrow

    I’m really terrified that we’ll learn that Huh Bob wasn’t so bad, we just really are this shitty.

  17. Dennis

    It is the lot of professional coaches to get sacked when players do not perform. More often than not, it is wishful thinking that a new coach will make the players better.

    Thanks to Bob Bradley for an outstanding job and best wishes in his future endeavors.

  18. Lucius

    I read something somewhere else about Bob: Good Coach, Bad Manager. I agree with that sentiment.

  19. MP

    FWIW, Andres Cantor is saying on Twitter that he’s certain that Bob’s replacement will be Marcello Lippi.

  20. Andrew

    @LE – That’s why I want Maradona. If we’re not that good, let’s at least be entertaining about it.

  21. dan

    Thanks to Bob Bradley for a job and best wishes in his future endeavors.

  22. somebody has to get the back line sorted out. it’s not so much a lack of talent or ability as it is nobody knows what the fuck they are doing back there. then get the starts of games sorted so we don’t go down a goal after 15 minutes. then you can worry about building through the midfield and developing the offense. these are things a manager should be able to sort out. and would solve a lot of problems.

  23. @lucius now I’m going to cry. I’m hoping for Hiddink

  24. Precious Roy

    Lippi was a disaster at the last World Cup. He’s about the only manager in South Africa whose squad selections were as questionable as Bob’s.

    Unlike Bob though, Lippi won the previous World Cup.

  25. I say we bring back Bora.

  26. Mountain Wag

    @Lucius – Re: strange timing. Maybe the Gold Cup was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Whether that was his “last chance” after warnings, etc., something contractually that they had to show he was failing at his job (like “real” employers have to give for grounds for termination), or they were lining someone else up – better late than never.

  27. Tiddiesnbeer

    I already picked a reason to get drunk tonight, now I have another!!!!! Bye Bye, Bob!!

  28. Han-ball

    @MW: if the GC was the last straw, then why not do it within the week after the failings? We’ve seen club coaches (yes, different, but close enough) given ultimatums and fired the same day after a poor result. I just wonder wether they sat down and Bob had some sort of ‘philosophical difference’ with where to go from here with some other higher ups in USSF.

    Lippi aint a bad choice. He’s proven himself capable of winning. Whether he can turn this bunch of players into winners, we will see.

  29. bergkampesdios

    Lippi’s main problem last WC was a reliance on old dogs. He doesn’t have any of those here.

  30. Outside Mid

    The timing is odd, and follows that Canales article regarding the dressing room along with those quotes from Torres.

  31. Precious Roy

    berg: He will by the time 2014 rolls around. Also, the old dogs he relied on where of his own choosing.

  32. Ryan

    Wow. Was not expecting to see this when I got home. I suppose I agree with the above thoughts that he probably has someone lined up, but if it were me, I’d wait. For a while. Honestly, would there be any downside to waiting until summer 2012 to start looking? Could get guys coming off a club season, managers looking for work after the Euros, etc.

    • Outside Mid

      The biggest question following this day’s announcement: Does this mean The Stretford End will like soccer again?

  33. Han-ball

    Alexi Lalas (gasp!) just told me something I didnt know – that the U-20, U-23, and Senior MNTs have no coach. Sounds right for ‘institutional change’ in the coaching ranks. Isn’t that what Klinsmann brought about in Germany, too?

  34. MP

    @Han-Ball: /boner

  35. Han-ball

    MP: Just think, that bit of info came from Alexi Lalas.
    /problem solved

  36. Ryan

    Brian Ching “Some days just put a smile on your face.” Hmmmmm.

  37. arkie

    Wow. Totally unexpected. Don’t we have a friendly in a couple weeks?
    I bet were getting a foreign coach but I’m just ready to be mad at someone else.
    Thanks for the memories and beating Spain.

  38. Precious Roy

    arkie: Yeah, the Algeria game and the Spain game were maybe the two best soccer watching memories I have of the last couple of years. Then again, I am an Arsenal fan, so most club-related memories lately are of things like being robbed of two goals against Sunderland or conceding three late at home to Wigan.

  39. Precious Roy

    Still better than crashing out of the Europa League.

  40. Crazy idea time: maybe MON? Now, he’s DEFINTELY too egotistical/demanding of control for Sunil to hop on board. And he’s already alienated our future #1 once. But, he’s good at organizing the back line, our midfield and attacking talent are perfect for springing the counter, and he’s a great motivator.

  41. . . . speaking of crashing out of Europa League.

  42. dropping a 4-0 lead to newcastle is better than crashing out of the europa league? at least the europa league doesn’t really matter unlike a league match.

  43. Ryan

    If it comes out that we’ve hired Klinsmann (or Lippi, or anyone) without talking to anyone but that person, that’s worse than keeping Bob around in my book.

  44. Sarah

    I always liked Bradley as a person and he certainly seemed to have his heart in the right place, but I can’t pretend I didn’t grin when I saw the news. See ya, Bob.

  45. Precious Roy

    Right but crashing out of the Europa League mean you were in the Europa League and not the Champions League. Also, when an official is giving away penalties for non-existent fouls, you kind of have little choice but to take it.

  46. Not necessarily…you could crash out of CL and Europa league in the same year…Liverpool did that two seasons ago. I find a 4-0 lead in the second half resulting in a 4-4 tie much worse than a loss in Europa League no matter the implications of being in a Europa League match in which you could crash out.

  47. WhoNeedsForwards

    I would love to see Bielsa.

    Anyways, they need to change the whole system and grab younger players anyways. Also, USE YOUR FREAKIN’ HISPANIC POPULATION US. Crikey. That always bothers me. Country is like 25% hispanic, a lot of them happen to play and like football, quite a few are even pretty good, and we have…Bocanegra in the national team. And…um…yeah. Crikey.

  48. WhoNeedsForwards

    Hey, maybe Fabio Capello will be available too.

  49. Bielsa is managing Bilbao now.

  50. James T

    Preparing to bet 5 imaginary dollars that it’s Jurgen Klinsmann. How long as Sunil waited to fulfill his unrequited love with the German, dour and meek in his own image?
    Klinsmann. Ugh.

  51. Since when was Klinsmann dour?

  52. @TFA His coaching ability is certainly dour, if he’s hired I give it all of 3 games before everyone is clamoring for Huh Bob

  53. James T

    He’s a milquetoast. He’s bland. He’s perfect.

  54. WhoNeedsForwards

    Hey, Raymond Domenech’s available!

  55. WhoNeedsForwards

    Oh man, I’m so on the Domenech train. “Today, we are playing Adu alone up top because Mars is passing through Scorpio…”
    We need to make this happen.

  56. WhoNeedsForwards

    I mean, look at that Resume: World Cup Final with a team made up of 70 year olds. A buncha titles with Lyon. Ability to inspire fiery passion in his players, even if its a fiery passion to not play for him anymore since he’s nutty enough to make Maradona look kind of sane. What more could you want?

  57. @WNF, act now and he comes with a free Ouija board and set of Tarot cards

  58. WhoNeedsForwards

    Even better!
    Plus, he’s in Las Vegas at the moment since he was competing in the World Series of Poker. Sign him up!!

  59. Does that mean he is willing to work for a reduced fee if we pay his entrance fee to the WSOP

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