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September 1, 2011

Crazy Zamp Strikes Again

And free ice cream on Fridays!

Since taking over Palermo in 2002, Italian business magnate and complete madman Maurizio Zamparini has made coaching changes twice a season on average.

The trigger happy and outspoken owner has dropped the axe on 37 managers since beginning his career in football with Venezia in 1987.

The latest man to fall victim is Stefano Pioli. Pioli is the second Serie A manger to get the sack before the campaign even begins after former Azzurri manager, Roberto Donadoni, was let go by Cagliari.

Pioli had not yet even coached a game for Palermo, as he was only hired at the end of last season.

And who does Zamp expect to replace Pioli? Why, it’s Delio Rossi! The same man who the chairman got rid of twice last season.

Rossi left at the end of the 2010-2011 campaign and has vowed that he is finally sick of working for Zamparini. So for now the squad is under the care of youth team coach Devis Mangia.

Zamparini, who threatened to quit himself not more than 2 weeks ago, doesn’t seem concerned:

“If Mangia guides the team to a spectacular victory over Inter Milan then maybe he’ll stay in the job, otherwise I’ll expect Rossi.”

But he probably should be pretty worried. I don’t think there’s any way the Rosanero take out a well-reinforced Inter side, and his squad has lost a ton of talent.

Yes they brought in some decent talent too, highlighted by Paraguay international Edgar Barreto.

But the losses of Pastore, Sirigu, Cesare Bovo, Mattia Cassani, and most recently influential midfielder Antonio Nocerino to Milan, will certainly hurt the men in pink.

They did well to finish 8th last term, but I think they’ll really have to scrap to stay in the top half this season.

Zamparini has been less willing to splash the cash as he was when he was catapulting the club back to Serie A relevancy.

As much as we love his crazy quotes, he’s going to have to let some money talk if he has any designs on taking the Sicilians to the next level.


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