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September 6, 2011

Shouldn’t Belgium Be Better Bootroom


Belgium counts Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard, Thomas Vermaelan, Vincent Kompany and Fletch Fellaini amongst its ranks. And it probably won’t even qualify for the Euro next summer.

Did I say Vermaelen? He’s not in the squad today. He got hurt against Udinese and had his ankle operated on. Even when Arsenal players aren’t even playing they get ruled out for 4-6 weeks. Stupid game.

Anyway, the √úSMNT will tee up their third attempt (if at first you don’t succeed… ) to get its first win under Klinsy. Line-ups after the jump (Note: ‘the jump’ doesn’t really apply in this layout):

US: Howard; Cherundolo, Goodson, Bocanegra (capt.), Chandler; Edu, Torres, Dempsey; Rogers, Altidore, Shea (bench: Hamid, Orozco Fiscal, Beckerman, Larentowicz, Kljestan, Spector, Agudelo)

Belgium: Mignolet, Kompany, Lombaerts, Ciman, Alderweireid, Simons, Fletch, Witsel, Martens, De Camargo, Hazard (Bench: Some more Belgians)

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  1. @PR: I’m not down, just realistic. Klinsmann can’t change the player pool, which lacks the talent to do what he wants to do. There is not proven goal scorer and unless Klinsmann can transplant his old playing skills into a striker, it is going to be difficult for the team to score. Also, there is nobody with the ability to dictate the midfield in the pool unless Holden if he ever gets healthy and even then I am not sure he can really perform that function. A Riquelme/Alonso-esque player is needed.

  2. Arkie

    USPS came through for me today… Not so much the USMNT. I like what Klinsi is trying to do, for sure, but there’s that part of me that wonders if it’s possible for the US to pull this style off with more success than sticking to our scrappy athletic mold.

  3. @Arkie: I think it needs to be a hybrid or amalgamation of the two styles ultimately.

  4. Arkie

    @TFA: Agreed.


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