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September 10, 2011

Saturday Bootroom: The Wenger Restart

While most of us spent friday discussing hair gel techniques and Orr enjoyed himself a bit too much over the start of Serie A, it’s time for the Premier League to step up and entertain us. While many of us will be watching the early morning Arsenal match (with many hoping to watch Wenger crash and burn some more), there are a few even more interesting matches going on today. Tottenham is sitting at the bottom of the table with zero points, and are playing the 7th places Wolves of Wolverhampton. What Will Harry Do? Can Chelsea travel north to the Stadium of Light and hold their own against Sunderland (wait, what am I thinking?). The lads of Liverpool have to travel to Stoke to play an ever tough team. Mock them as much as you like, but Tony Pulis always has his teams prepared, and they are very opportunistic squads. Liverpool better not let their guard down, or there will be tears. Also, if you’re into some Conference slumming, Blackpool is taking on Ipswich and we all want to see an Ipswich beat down.

(all times EST)

10:00 Arsenal vs. Swansea City, FSC
10:00 Sunderland vs. Chelsea, ESPN2, ESPN3
12:00 Real Sociedad vs. Barcelona, ESPN3
12:30 Bolton vs. Manchester United, FSC
2:30 Cesena v Napoli, FSC
4:00 Valencia vs. Atletico de Madrid, ESPN3

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