Unprofessional Foul


September 21, 2011

A New Low In EPL Fandom

Just below, I have incontrovertible proof that the protesters from Westboro Baptist Church are evil. Follow me down, if you dare.

For those of you who are not American, Westboro Baptist Church (check that URL!) has achieved a level of infamy in the United States, mostly for protesting the funerals of soldiers killed in the line of duty overseas. They blame such deaths on God smiting the USA for allowing teh gays to live within our US-ian borders. Despicable? Most say yes. Sincere? Probably not.

Apparently, though, protesting soldiers’ funerals doesn’t pay like it used to. So what’s next then? Rock concerts, that’s where. If I had to guess why, it’s because the possibility of getting punched out “for the cause” is high in a testosterone-fuelled, high BAC area. Just a guess, you know, if those above linked, probably baseless, rumors are true (don’t sue!)

Good Lord, I’m taking forever to get to the point. I’ll get there.

Anyway, recently the WBC went to protest a Foo Fighters show in beautiful Kansas City. The Foos did not appreciate this, or were just looking to have a laugh, and went out and counter-protested. This is the video that ensued.

Did you catch it? Go back to the 30 second mark and look again. That’s right. This guy, holding both the “Keep God’s law” and “Fags are beasts” signs is a Bolton fan.

Stupid F***ing Bolton, indeed

They are the lowest of the low, I know. But now they have a celebrity endorsement from “Random Homosexual Hater From Foo Fighters Video”. So, there’s nowhere to go but up for Bolton from here, right?


We really need to get a newly healthy Stu transferred out of there ASAP.

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