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September 22, 2011

Hey Ref! Make Me a Sandwich!

Victor Ulloa

This is probably his profile pic on Match.com.

This story comes to us from the bowels of the Copa Perú, where small clubs like Club Social y Deportivo Carlos A. Mannucci (CA Mannucci, for short) compete for a chance to return to professional league play with the big boys.

Following Mannucci’s first match on Sunday (a 2-0 loss to Comerciantes Unidos) the team’s newly signed goalkeeper made some interesting remarks about the female referee, Auria Christama. Apparently upset about some of her calls, Víctor “Loco” Ulloa told a TV reporter, on camera, the following:

“The señorita should go cook and not dedicate herself to soccer. Women exist to cook and serve men, not to get involved in soccer.”

That’s some classic Latin macho man stuff, right there.

In response to his remarks, an official from Peru’s version of the ACLU lodged a complaint with the club, demanding disciplinary action against the goalie. William León Huertas indicated that, “the declarations made by Victor Ulloa are sexist, denigrating, and intended to provoke violence in a way that perpetuates gender discrimination.”

The club has responded by stating that they have taken “internal disciplinary action” against Ulloa. The player has offered a public apology to the referee, which you can find on the club’s web site. In his defense, Ulloa is only 20, and will probably say a lot more stupid things on camera before his career is over.

All in all, a banner week for gender relations in Perú.

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  1. Mommmmmmm, mommmmmmm…get me some cheesypoofs.


  2. I’m ok with his comments if it is a chicken sandwich….

    and some waffle fries

  3. clemantona

    “In response to his remarks, an official from Peru’s version of the ACLU lodged a complaint with the club”
    i bet it was a chick that raised the complaint
    pfft, women. amirite?!

  4. Goat

    This guy’s probably a Bolton fan, too.

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