Unprofessional Foul


September 23, 2011

Belgian Ex-Footballer Channeling his Inner Dirk Diggler

For every Ronaldo who lives to fill up the ladies with his largese, there are numerous 2nd and third division players who love playing the game, take home a pretty small paypacket, and end up having to juggle jobs once they have to hang up the cleats.

It appears that not only has a Belgian footballer has decided to engage in the production of adult entertainment, he’s also decided to swap sides and play gaffer. It is interesting in his story that he claims to have dated women, but now is dating exclusively men, as if he’s going to say “I could be straight! honest, but being gay in Belgium is way cooler.”

It appears that he needed a beard when he played football, since athletes are still some of the most homophobic folks out there. He even admits this:

“The football world is not ready for gay players. There is too much prejudice and generally low tolerance.”

I am sure he is not getting many of his former teammates will call him up, unless they like to get a little on the down low.

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