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October 5, 2011

The Smartest “Lost Dog” Flyer Ever


"Find Chocolate and choco takes you to the game!"

What do you do if your beloved pooch has been missing for two weeks? I suppose you could go down to Kinko’s and print up a bunch of flyers with a badly xeroxed picture of the missing dog, and maybe offer a cash reward if you’re desperate.

In Peru, you give away tickets to the sold out Peru v. Paraguay World Cup qualifier (btw, I’ll have a preview of South American qualifying up later this week).

Edgar Revoredo lost his eight year old poodle/shih tzu mix (shitzpoo?) “Chocolate” on Sept 24th when his car was stolen. The dog had apparently been left in the back seat (tsk, tsk). So Edgar’s dad, Luis, came up with the idea to give away their match tickets as a reward for finding the dog. Edgar’s cousin designed the flyer you see above.

I hope their efforts succeed, little “Choco” is found safe and sound, and somebody gets to enjoy nice seats for a high profile footie match. And yes, this entire post is a thinly veiled attempt to lure Anonsters back from wherever the heck he went. Maybe we should offer him tickets to the USA v. Honduras match.

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  1. That’s some quality photoshopping.

  2. MP

    Better the car-jacker wasn’t Korean.

  3. MP

    *Better hope
    /god damnit

  4. Wedel

    @BG: Pupsters is down in Edgar’s and Luis’ neighborhood helping them look for Choco. Duh.

  5. Steve

    And we still haven’t found Pupsters. Is there no justice?

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