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November 11, 2011

Professional Soccer Player Announces He Is Gay


David Testo, formerly of the Montreal Impact, announced today that he is gay.

Testo, in his announcement, said his teammates and the club both knew that he was gay and accepted him.

His announcement comes after his release from the Montreal side meaning he will not be coming to MLS with Montreal next season. The former South Carolina Gamecock spent most of his career in the USL besides two seasons with MLS side Columbus Crew.

Montreal owner Joey Saputo said that the club “knew David’s orientation prior to him joining our club from Vancouver in 2007.”

It is unclear whether Testo will continue to his professional career.  However, the revelation that his teammates and club both knew about his sexuality for years without any issues is certainly a new development in professional sports.  At least here in North America as all gay professional athletes that I am aware of have not announced their sexuality until after they have left the lockerroom.


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  1. Orr

    Assuming all the details about teammates and administration being aware of his orientation are true, this is a nice story. I still can’t help but feel it will take a higher profile, active player to make some kind of real impact. In any case, good for Testo for providing another example of a gay professional for kids out there and for bigots to have to chew on.

  2. High school jock

    This is news? I thought all soccer players were gay.

  3. WhoNeedsForwards

    I don’t think this is coincidence that it follows my comment on all the Fox Soccer Report guys growing those mustaches.

  4. Tno

    “The former South Carolina Gamecock”
    That shit must have been tough.

  5. Oyeoro

    FYI He played and went to UNC not south carolina (unless you are trying to have a dig @ him, in which case poor choice). Most people at UNC knew he was gay. I’m just saying you can’t date shane from road rules and not expect people to find out. Regardless, the man was a beast in college ball. I mean insanely talented with both feet.

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