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December 5, 2011

Monday Bootroom: Fulhamerica v. United States of Liverpool

Dempsey won't have to worry about Lucas this time.

I suppose Fulham isn’t really Fulhamerica anymore since Clint Dempsey is the only American on the roster but he is the greatest American field player ever so the Fulham moniker should stick until he departs. Although, Brian McBride did have the pub named after him.

On the other side of the today’s match is Liverpool. The club is still owned by Americans, different Americans that are surely more well liked than the prior owners. Caveat: Lebron James may not be so well liked. But, the club does not have any American players on its first team roster and only a couple Americans in the whole of its system.

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really except the two sides are playing in a match this afternoon.

Liverpool are looking to claim a record seven straight away victories to move within two points of Chelsea for fourth place. A victory would put Liverpool level on points with Arsenal and Newcastle.

Liverpool will be playing its first match without midfield stalwart Lucas Leiva today. The Brazilian suffered an ACL tear in the Carling Cup match last week.

Fulham are staring down the barrel of a relegation scrap right now as they are only two points above the relegation zone in sixteenth. The club has six draws so far this season, second most in the league.

Prediction: PAIN!

Other matches:
2:45pm Lazio vs Novara, FSCD, Italy Serie A
3:00pm Sevilla vs Getafe, GolTV, Spain La Liga

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  1. Precious Roy

    I see Lucas has been upgraded to remove the “fake” preceding his name.

  2. i almost put a parenthetical in there to that effect, but thought it piling on.

  3. BG

    (soccernet gamecast)2′ Suarez rolls his man. As will be common tonight. He passes, looking for Carroll. Carroll stands still. Keeper has it.

    Carroll knows the game is underway, right?

  4. he’s on PTPT (ponytailed people time).

  5. Precious Roy

    Think he’s deserving of the full, non-fake descriptive. Lucas has been outstanding since the back half of last season.

  6. Precious Roy

    BG: Carroll’s problem was apparently his boots.

  7. Precious Roy

    Deuce… so close.

  8. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Am I crazy or is Liverpool not actually that good?

  9. Precious Roy

    @LE: Depends if they are playing against 11 or 10.

  10. Han-ball

    lolz. Ref talking to Suarez to tell him to quit bitching about tackles.

  11. Precious Roy

    Even better lolz, close up of the ref picking his nose.

  12. dan

    Don’t suppose anyone has a feed?

  13. I killed the bootroom. How sad.

  14. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Man, Suarez is such a little bitch.

  15. Precious Roy

    It was on life-support already. You just tripped over the plug and ripped it out of the wall.

  16. Han-ball

    No, this game killed the bootroom.

  17. Han-ball

    Senderos gets a lucky one there. Poor counterattack there honestly.

  18. Han-ball

    I like the word ‘there’ alot too.

  19. Precious Roy

    Looked like the right call though.

  20. Precious Roy

    Ruiz is the shittiest header for a tall player.

  21. Han-ball

    Liverpool doing their best Barcelona ref-intimidation impersonation..

  22. Han-ball

    Two legs parallel to the ground. Not great to look at.

  23. Precious Roy

    @Han… thought that was typical of Germans.

  24. Han-ball

    PR: depends who you’re asking I guess. I dislike the Spanish more than I do the Germans.

  25. Precious Roy

    @Han… was actually a reference to an SAF complaint from a couple of years back when United got knocked out of the CL and Munich’s players surrounded the ref.

  26. Tno

    So close from Dempsey.

  27. Tno

    Typical Germans

  28. Lennon's Eyebrow

    I would never have ever guessed that this game would have a thrilling ending

  29. Precious Roy


  30. Lennon's Eyebrow


  31. WhoNeedsForwards


  32. I like Clint Dempsey. That is all.

  33. WhoNeedsForwards

    So, it raises the question, does “Duece S. A.” work as a chant?

  34. Tno

    The game i went at Craven Cottage to almost ended 1-0 with a Dempsey goal, but he had that penalty blocked by Cech. I was in the “neutral” (Chelsea) stand too so depressing.

  35. Precious Roy

    Remember that… Fulham had no business even being in the game and they got a penalty like in the 90 +2nd minute.

  36. Tno

    Sounds kind of funny. Stu-S-A works well though that was my favorite part of the Bolton game last year the worst part was watching Bolton play Everton.

  37. Precious Roy

    No… I’m thinking of a different game. That one ended in a draw at zero.

  38. Precious Roy

    Ruiz looks like he’s the sequel to Alfonso Alves.

  39. Tno

    Listening to the Chelsea fans talking about how Torres will start scoring any game now (it was valentines day).

  40. Han-ball

    I got it, don’t worry PR.
    and as soon as I get up to help a guy study, DEMPSEY on the DOORSTEP!

  41. Tno

    Was the best part though

  42. Precious Roy

    Suarez is indeed a little bitch.

  43. Tno

    That game did end 0-0.

  44. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Suarez takes many of dives.

  45. WhoNeedsForwards

    Unrelated sidenote: As an Everton fan, it’s just great to see both Andy Johnson and Yakubu both in double figures for goals already this season….OH WAIT

  46. Precious Roy

    Like that Schwartzer even saved the shot that went after the whistle.

  47. Tno


  48. Precious Roy

    @WNF…. Didn’t like half of Johnson’s goals come in the pre-group-stage qualifying for Europa against like the Faroese and Icelandic teams?

  49. WhoNeedsForwards

    No, he had like 4 against QPR that one game.

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