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December 15, 2011

Tevez Waits by the Phone…

Tevez golf

Thaaat's a mulligan.

… or not. The January transfer window is approaching fast, and the one player who is definitely moving is Carlitos “I won’t sub in” Tevez. We all know how that went down.

The transfer rumors are flying fast. AC Milan is the most solid rumor at the moment, as the Rossoneri apparently have agreed wage terms with the player but are negotiating with City to see if they’ll approve a 6 month loan with the option to buy over the summer. City doesn’t seem to like that idea.

Another rumored destination is Paris Saint-Germain, perhaps because the media lately enjoys linking PSG with every single remotely active player ever. I think Sócrates might sign with PSG at this rate (too soon?).

Then there’s the Spurs rumor from the Sun (huge grain of salt). ‘Arry’s supposed to be interested but of course there’s the little matter of Carlitos’ wage demands, which Tottenham could never ever meet. Also, isn’t Tevez been a petulant little whiner at every EPL club he’s played at so far precisely because he’s trying to leave England?

Tevez beach

"Excuse me, señor? I said no salt, NO salt for the margarita."

Finally, Tevez himself is reported to have asked his manager to work out a deal with Boca Juniors so he can be at home. If you thought Spurs couldn’t afford Tevez, I can assure you even the newly crowned champions in Argentina can’t come close. Carlitos reportedly doesn’t care if he has to leave money on the table in order to make this one happen.

So what’s he been up to while he waits for the big news? For starters, a little beach time lakeside at the tony Villa Carlos Paz resort in the province of Córdoba. He’s played golf with Angel Cabrera, and, as you’d expect, made a cameo appearance on stage at a concert by La Mona Jimenez, aka a cancer upon the soul of music itself. Here’s the video if you feel compelled to watch anyway:

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