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December 29, 2011

Racing Club Fans are a Nostalgic Bunch


It's a bit crowded in there.

It’s summer vacation in Argentina right now (jealous?), and there won’t be any real fútbol on the calendar till February, so most people hit the beach and play volleyball.

Not Racing Club fans. They decided to rent out a night club and throw a huge party commemorating the ten year anniversary of the club’s last league title. Fans packed the place to the point of it probably being a fire hazard. They also completely missed out on the irony of throwing a party to celebrate a decade of futility.

Bias disclaimer: as a lifelong Independiente fan, me doing a post about Racing’s league title anniversary party is analogous to raging gunner Precious Roy doing a post about Spurs fans throwing a party to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of their last league championship.

Fortunately for Tottenham, they haven’t thrown a party to celebrate half a century of impotence. Because they’re not idiots like Racing fans.

La Academia is currently without a gaffer after Diego Simeone said “Feliz Navidad” to the club and flew away to Spain to pick up the reins at Atlético Madrid. Alfio “Emphysema” Basile is rumored to be the replacement charged with attempting to lead Racing back to the promised land in 2012. Good luck with that.

This concludes your third rate coverage of South American soccer on a very slow news day.

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  1. Orr

    Holy crap. Looking at that picture just makes me glad this didn’t turn into a seriously tragic story.

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