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January 8, 2012

Sunday Bootroom: Noisy Neighbor Edition

Manchester City?

The last time Manchester United had its noisy neighbors over those neighbors took advantage of United’s hospitality and trashed the place. Manchester City laid a 6-1 asskicking down to the reigning champions. It was a sight to behold. Sir Alex Ferguson’s tiny baby hands clenched in fists shaking like he had not had a drink in a fortnight. His bulbous nose throbbing red with anger and embarrassment. The nouveau riche Manchester City–a club actually in Manchester–had truly announced its arrival on the scene as a contender.

There have been a few slip ups along the, but for the most part Citeh has looked the part of best team in the land. However, United has hung in there only a few points off the lead despite having played fairly poorly in the last month.

Today’s match doesn’t matter for the league points wise, but if United can put in a good performance and win, it will go a long way to boost their confidences for a run at the league title. This would be in spite of the rash of injuries United have suffered–from butthurt to kneehurt to headhurt, Ferguson’s squad has seen it all this season. The injury list is truly Arsenalian.

It should be an entertaining match full of dramatic storylines. Like, will Wayne Bridge find the bench with all of Citeh’s injuries and ACN departures. It is also a decent meteor match.

NOTE: Be sure to hang around on Monday. We have some fun stuff in store for you.

6:30am Udinese vs Cesena, FSC+, RAI, Italy Serie A
8:00am Manchester City vs Manchester United, FSC, FA Cup
9:00am Atalanta vs Milan, FSCD, Italy Serie A
9:00am Bologna vs Catania, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
9:00am Lecce vs Juventus, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
9:00am Roma vs Chievo, ESPN3, Itlay Serie A
10:30am Petersborough vs Sunderland, FSC+, FA Cup
11:30am St. Colomban vs PSG, ESPN3, France
12:00pm Villarreal vs Valencia, ESPN3, Spain La Liga
1:00pm Toluca vs Tecos, Univision, Mexico
1:45pm Real Betis vs Sporting Gijon, Spain La Liga
2:45pm Palermo vs Napoli, FSC, Italy Serie A
3:30pm Espanyol vs Barcelona, ESPN3, Spain La Liga

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  1. Tap, tap. This thing on?
    Roo scored.

  2. and Kompany gets a RC!?!
    Oof, harsh.

  3. and Danny Welbeck scores. I do believe that Citeh are fuxxored. Poor PantyLemons.

  4. Orr

    Just woke up and caught up, didn’t Kompany get the ball? Nani didn’t even get touched WTF?

  5. Goldenballs in the stands!

  6. @Orr – terrible decision. Not even worth a YC, in my opinion.

  7. Orr

    Nani didn’t even go down! Nani always goes down! What is going on in this game? No Balotelli? Scholes on the bench?

  8. and now ManU get a PK. Is Howard Webb officiating here?

  9. Orr

    Oh christ and now a penalty, that one pretty clear though.

  10. oh, good save by PantyLemons, but Roo heads in the rebound!

  11. Orr

    That is the absolute worst as a keeper. Fine save, easy tap in.

  12. I hate to say it, but Rooney really is class

  13. Orr

    In other news, surely Welbeck deserves more England caps.

  14. Orr

    I just hope the other blue team in the other football wins later

  15. You two having fun in here?

  16. @NYK: I plan to print out that comment where you are nice to Rooney and frame it.

  17. nice free-kick from Kolarov to make it 3-1

  18. Pradajames

    Game on.

  19. Orr

    3-2 game on!!! Why oh why is Scholes out there!

  20. Eladio

    So if a 10-”man” Citeh come back to draw against United, will that kill their confidence for the rest of the year, subjugating them to the fate of 4th place?

  21. Eladio

    Citeh really should have had the equalizer there. Also, this United keeper is shit.

  22. WhoNeedsForwards

    Foy is terrible. Cap’n unnecessary red card strikes again. Must have mistaken Citeh for Chelsea today or something.

  23. Lennon's Eyebrow

    How in god’s name does Foy stil have a job? After Chelsea-QPR, Spurs-Stoke and now this, the man has been a walking disaster all season. I don’t understand how he even got the chance to ref such a high profile game.

  24. Eladio

    United draw Liverpool at Anfield…Fergie must love these 2 round draws he’s gotten.

  25. jjf3

    Warnock out at QPR. So, being 3 points better than Rovers is reason to fire your manager. But actually being manager at Rovers is not.

    /chicken logic

  26. This is what happens when Fergie leaves the FA payoffs in his safe

  27. WhoNeedsForwards

    I’m increasingly convinced that Kean is like the only person that genuinely likes Venky’s Chicken, so they keep him around to make themselves feel better.

  28. Goat

    Am I the only one who thinks Foy got it right? Granted, I wouldn’t mind seeing Nani be the victim of a crunching tackle but if he doesn’t pull out if it he might have had good reason to be writhing in the ground in agony for once and then we’d be demanding Kompany receive a lengthy ban.

  29. Goat

    The only way to eliminate leg-breaking tackles is to punish them whether or not they actually break a leg.

  30. Orr

    @Goat – I think your point is very valid, and by letter of the law he probably did get it right. I think some people (myself included) are just a little worried about taking away some of the defense’s physical advantages, sort of how the NFL has done, in an effort to cater to more offensive-minded prima donnas (Nani, Tom Brady, etc…)

  31. Han-ball

    To me the bigger problem is how Rooney turns and shouts and goes nuts to Foy. If that tackle is RC-worthy, fine, people will adapt just like the NFL. But that sort of appealing for help and whinging pisses me off like no other.

  32. Goat

    @Han-ball: Agreed. If there was any justice Rooney would’ve been carded, too. Whenever Arsenal suffers its annual leg-breaking and we have our little discussions about the Shawcrosses of the world and whether or not they’re that kind of player I always wish that refs would punish these types of tackles severely regardless of whether or not the actually result in an injury. Foy actually did and even if that’s just a case of a blind squirrel finding a nut, I have nothing but praise for him in giving Kompany a straight red.

  33. Tno

    “The only way to eliminate leg-breaking tackles is to punish them whether or not they actually break a leg.”
    Well when you put it like that…

  34. Tno

    I still thought I was drunk form last night when I saw Scholes come on. I was (and still am) really confused.

  35. Arkie

    EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED… AGAIN. Are you guys second rate now? I’m so confused.

  36. Eladio

    Whoa…someone hold me.
    Also, if anyone has a good excuse to use for me to leave work at 2 today to watch Le Return du Titi, I’ll take any and all input.

  37. Moonshine Mike

    Yea. things change. sometimes too slow.

  38. Goat

    Change frightens and confuses me. I wish UF was only available via telegraph.

  39. James T

    You’ll be super-scared later, then.

  40. Hey, look! New posts for the day already! And it begins…

  41. Goat

    @JT: Those awesome monster avatars are back and I don’t have to retype my name and email address every time I post, so as far as I’m concerned you could rename the site “Goat is a Syphilitic Dipshit” and I’d still be happy with the changes.

  42. jjf3

    Whoaaaa. All shiny and new. And new content before I even got to work? Good thing the power’s out here and I can’t actually do much real work…

  43. WhoNeedsForwards

    So, back to important matters:
    Lavezzi is so gone from Napoli. Juve?

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