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January 8, 2012

Sunday Bootroom: Noisy Neighbor Edition

Manchester City?

The last time Manchester United had its noisy neighbors over those neighbors took advantage of United’s hospitality and trashed the place. Manchester City laid a 6-1 asskicking down to the reigning champions. It was a sight to behold. Sir Alex Ferguson’s tiny baby hands clenched in fists shaking like he had not had a drink in a fortnight. His bulbous nose throbbing red with anger and embarrassment. The nouveau riche Manchester City–a club actually in Manchester–had truly announced its arrival on the scene as a contender.

There have been a few slip ups along the, but for the most part Citeh has looked the part of best team in the land. However, United has hung in there only a few points off the lead despite having played fairly poorly in the last month.

Today’s match doesn’t matter for the league points wise, but if United can put in a good performance and win, it will go a long way to boost their confidences for a run at the league title. This would be in spite of the rash of injuries United have suffered–from butthurt to kneehurt to headhurt, Ferguson’s squad has seen it all this season. The injury list is truly Arsenalian.

It should be an entertaining match full of dramatic storylines. Like, will Wayne Bridge find the bench with all of Citeh’s injuries and ACN departures. It is also a decent meteor match.

NOTE: Be sure to hang around on Monday. We have some fun stuff in store for you.

6:30am Udinese vs Cesena, FSC+, RAI, Italy Serie A
8:00am Manchester City vs Manchester United, FSC, FA Cup
9:00am Atalanta vs Milan, FSCD, Italy Serie A
9:00am Bologna vs Catania, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
9:00am Lecce vs Juventus, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
9:00am Roma vs Chievo, ESPN3, Itlay Serie A
10:30am Petersborough vs Sunderland, FSC+, FA Cup
11:30am St. Colomban vs PSG, ESPN3, France
12:00pm Villarreal vs Valencia, ESPN3, Spain La Liga
1:00pm Toluca vs Tecos, Univision, Mexico
1:45pm Real Betis vs Sporting Gijon, Spain La Liga
2:45pm Palermo vs Napoli, FSC, Italy Serie A
3:30pm Espanyol vs Barcelona, ESPN3, Spain La Liga

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