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January 8, 2012

Hidden Weekend Bootroom: Super Sunday Explode-a-Thon

Saturday, January 21
7:45am Chelsea vs Norwich, ESPN2, EPL
9:30am Schalke vs Stuttgart, ESPND, Germany
10:00am Everton vs Blackburn, FSC, EPL*
10:00am Fulham vs Newcastle, FSC+, EPL
12:00pm Roma vs Cesena, FSC+, Itlay Serie A
12:00pm Racing vs Getafe, GolTV, Spain La Liga
12:00pm Espanyol vs Granada, ESPN3, Spain La Liga
12:30pm Liverpool vs Bolton, FSC, EPL*
1:55pm Corinthians vs Mirassol, ESPND, ESPN3, Brazil
2:00pm Real Sociedad vs Atletico Madrid, GolTV, Spain La
2:45pm Atalanta vs Juventus, FSC, Italy Serie A
4:00pm Real Betis vs Sevilla, ESPND, ESPN3, Spain La Liga
6:00pm Cruz Azul vs Pachuca, ESPND, Mexico
7:00pm USA vs Venezuela, Galavision, ESPN3, Friendly* 
8:00pm Guadalajara vs Tijuana, Telemundo, Mexico

>   Sunday, January 22
6:30am Bologna vs Parma, FSC+, Italy Serie A
8:30am Manchester City vs Tottenham, FSC, EPL* 
8:30am AZ vs Ajax, ESPND, ESPN3, Netherlands
9:00am Milan vs Novara, FSC+, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
9:00am Palermo vs Genoa, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
9:30am Hamburger vs Dortmund, ESPN3, Germany
10:00am Lyon vs Lugon, ESPN3, Coupe de France
11:00am Arsenal vs Manchester United, FSC, EPL* 
12:00pm Barcelona vs Malaga, GolTV, Spain La Liga
1:00pm Porto vs Vitoria, ESPN3, Portugal
2:45pm Inter vs Lazio, FSC, Italy Serie A
3:30pm Real Madrid vs Bilbao, ESPND, ESPN3, Spain

Monday, January 23
2:45pm Southampton vs Leicester, FSC+, England Championship

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Outside Mid



  1. WhoNeedsForwards

    Abertawae ennill heddiw!

  2. Mountain WAG

    We rise and fall to the level of our competition…

  3. Mountain WAG

    pass the goddamn ball, fellas. To do that you have to MOVE THE BALL TO ONE OF YOUR TEAMMATES!

  4. WhoNeedsForwards

    @Orr: Estegarriba is a future stud. He’s got all the tools

  5. Mountain WAG

    ramsay, getting scrappy.

  6. WhoNeedsForwards

    faint o Cymraeg defnyddio heddiw?

  7. Fuck. RvP shoulda done better. He sucks.

  8. Everton will gladly take him off your hands if you want

  9. Eladio

    Would Everton know what to do with a forward?

  10. Mountain WAG

    so would Citeh, and they’d pay a lot more. Sorry Toffees.

  11. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    Sure. The bench isn’t going to keep itself warm.

  12. Yea our forwards start at goalkeeper

  13. Arsene looks like Pulis in the dugout. Put a suit on, man.

  14. “That’s just awful from Walcott.”. I like the directness of English commentators.

  15. Eladio

    A lot of awfulness to go around in that first half.

  16. Etownhooligan


  17. Outside Mid

    The room has reopened! Missed the 1st half watching the end of a Heineken Cup match; oddly compelling that.

  18. Outside Mid

    Stupid owl

  19. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

  20. Eladio

    I don’t think Arshavin has had a shot on net since Putin became president.

  21. Mountain Wag

    totally different #AFC on the counter. Decent passing. But why in the hell are they getting muscled off every ball?

  22. Eladio

    Arsene getting his post came comments ready now: Bad penalty decision, horrible pitch conditions, etc, etc.

  23. WhiteSpeedReceiver


    Wait, what sound does a swan make?

  24. Eladio

    wow, our passing is horrendous today. These guys must have been up late watching Tebow get killed….they haven’t woken up yet.

  25. Eladio

    I love seeing Henry back in the squad, but it’s a tad sad that the team needs a 34-year old, past-his-prime striker to help the team score goals.

  26. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Swans have 60% possession. Arsenal look like Stoke. This is awesome.

  27. The Stretford End


  28. Eladio

    Wait, was that Walcott with a quality run and finish? 2012 indeed.

  29. Mountain Wag

    sit down for this: Walcott scores. Arsenal level. 2-2. Didn’t see that coming. AND a composed finish!

  30. Lolz, if only Henry could play defense

  31. Lennon's Eyebrow

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhaahaha holy shit

  32. The Stretford End


  33. WhoNeedsForwards

    Hahahaha, Arsenal

  34. Eladio

    Should be a fun battle between Liverpool and Newcastle for 5th this year.

  35. Lennon's Eyebrow

    This makes me feel so much better about yesterday.

  36. The Stretford End

    Fucking brilliant this is.

  37. Eladio

    Played into the middle to Mertsacker…that makes total sense.

  38. etownhooligan

    10 minutes is more than some guys can retain their chi …. just sayin.

  39. Eladio

    Swans should have really put that away…

  40. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Graham shoulda pulled the trigger on that one. Wasted chance. Arsenalesque, even.

  41. The Stretford End

    Wow nice positioning from the gk

  42. Mountain Wag

    @TSE – Yeah, Vorm is good.

  43. Mountain Wag

    That contact on theo in the box was as much as Ramsay’s on Swanny.

  44. WhoNeedsForwards

    Vorm might have been the best signing of the year in the PL. He cost what, 1 mil? Graham for 3.5 isn’t half bad either. Swansea know what they’re doing these days.

  45. WhoNeedsForwards

    Rogers & Lambert: Best two younger managers in EPL?

    Still can’t believe Norwich is 9th…

  46. Lennon's Eyebrow

    @WNF: Absolutely. And to think ManU paid 20 million for De Gea. Lolzy. I want Spurs to snag Vorm for next season.

  47. Eladio

    I hate football.

  48. Outside Mid

    Wales is a lovely non-vowely place today.

  49. Outside Mid

    Have to say that match sort of makes up for that Newcastle match earlier today. That Newcastle, the one level on points with Arsenal right now it looks.

  50. Lennon's Eyebrow

    10 points clear of Arsenal 21 games gone. I like the look of that.

  51. WhoNeedsForwards

    Wales has loads of vowels, they’re just never in the right order.

    Abertawe ennillodd e, for example.

  52. What’s the opposite of St. Totteringham’s day?

  53. Wacman

    Didn’t comment today as my stream was miles behind. Was on Twitter though. Bad result, bad performance, but much more explainable than ZOMG WENGER OUT!

  54. Was it just my biased eyes or was Graham off on the third goal?

  55. Lennon's Eyebrow

    The Arsenlolocaust?

  56. Lennon's Eyebrow

    It was your biased eyes.

  57. Wacman

    @Goat, I thought he was too, but the replay with the shaded area shows he was just on. It’s cool though, the penalty wasn’t a pen. Dyer literally stepped on Ramsey’s leg and then fell over. Ramsey didn’t even make a play on the ball, he was just standing there.

  58. This just confirms it, then. If a Spud says he was on, he must have been off. Now I can sleep secure knowing that referee incompetence rather than Arsenal’s shoddy defense that did them in.

  59. The only replay was from an angle but it looked like he may have been a fraction off, although it was difficult to tell.

  60. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Hey Orr, since when does Urby Emanuelson play in the hole behind two strikers? Or is FSC just retarded?

  61. Orr

    Nope, he’s been used in a couple different places for Milan, normally wide though. Think Allegri picked the right team… except maybe Urby. Would like to see the more experienced Robinho there right now. Seedorf and Ambrosini are on the bench with different ailments as well. So a real chance for the young Dutchman to grab his headline.

  62. jjf3

    damn, alvarez was all alone for an instant…

  63. Orr

    Very close one. Abbiatti made himself big.

  64. jjf3

    woodwork, then a good save by Cesar

  65. jjf3

    interesting first half. lots of sloppily open play.

  66. jjf3

    she looked lovely, except for that dude’s big head that kept blocking the view

  67. jjf3

    Orr: how did Milito score? I got caught up in the end of the Texans season

  68. WhoNeedsForwards

    So, Everton is desperate enough for Forwards that they have Edson Buddle on trial at the moment.

    So, how does everyone else deal when their team is just being utterly depressing?

  69. @WNF I have this friend who goes by the name of Jack, and he has a Grey Goose as a pet

  70. Wacman

    I have a friend named Jose, and he has a Woodchuck…

  71. Andy Gray just referred to the 4-4-2 as “aggressive”.
    I LOL’ed

  72. bergkampesdios

    Everyone on Chelsea has decided to eschew their left foot in favor of the outside of their right. Idiots.

  73. hey, that was a great chelsea performance. very inspiring.

  74. Scouse, eh?

    Dempsey. Dempsey. Clint f’n Dempsey.

  75. Fucking Red defense. Jesus fucking Christ.

  76. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Almost two. Hilarious. Y’all are making Chris Eagles look like Cristiano Ronaldo.

  77. This team is so pathetic.

  78. Chris D

    If anyone in Boston knows where I can watch the Liverpool FA Cup game on Saturday I would love it if you posted it here. I’m in town for the weekend.

  79. Eladio

    @Chris: Phoenix Landing in Cambridge is the unofficial home for scousers up here.


  80. Sweet…both Manchesters knocked out by Liverpool in the same week.


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