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January 8, 2012

Hidden Weekend Bootroom: Super Sunday Explode-a-Thon

Saturday, January 21
7:45am Chelsea vs Norwich, ESPN2, EPL
9:30am Schalke vs Stuttgart, ESPND, Germany
10:00am Everton vs Blackburn, FSC, EPL*
10:00am Fulham vs Newcastle, FSC+, EPL
12:00pm Roma vs Cesena, FSC+, Itlay Serie A
12:00pm Racing vs Getafe, GolTV, Spain La Liga
12:00pm Espanyol vs Granada, ESPN3, Spain La Liga
12:30pm Liverpool vs Bolton, FSC, EPL*
1:55pm Corinthians vs Mirassol, ESPND, ESPN3, Brazil
2:00pm Real Sociedad vs Atletico Madrid, GolTV, Spain La
2:45pm Atalanta vs Juventus, FSC, Italy Serie A
4:00pm Real Betis vs Sevilla, ESPND, ESPN3, Spain La Liga
6:00pm Cruz Azul vs Pachuca, ESPND, Mexico
7:00pm USA vs Venezuela, Galavision, ESPN3, Friendly* 
8:00pm Guadalajara vs Tijuana, Telemundo, Mexico

>   Sunday, January 22
6:30am Bologna vs Parma, FSC+, Italy Serie A
8:30am Manchester City vs Tottenham, FSC, EPL* 
8:30am AZ vs Ajax, ESPND, ESPN3, Netherlands
9:00am Milan vs Novara, FSC+, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
9:00am Palermo vs Genoa, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
9:30am Hamburger vs Dortmund, ESPN3, Germany
10:00am Lyon vs Lugon, ESPN3, Coupe de France
11:00am Arsenal vs Manchester United, FSC, EPL* 
12:00pm Barcelona vs Malaga, GolTV, Spain La Liga
1:00pm Porto vs Vitoria, ESPN3, Portugal
2:45pm Inter vs Lazio, FSC, Italy Serie A
3:30pm Real Madrid vs Bilbao, ESPND, ESPN3, Spain

Monday, January 23
2:45pm Southampton vs Leicester, FSC+, England Championship

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  1. jjf3

    Orr: how did Milito score? I got caught up in the end of the Texans season

  2. WhoNeedsForwards

    So, Everton is desperate enough for Forwards that they have Edson Buddle on trial at the moment.

    So, how does everyone else deal when their team is just being utterly depressing?

  3. @WNF I have this friend who goes by the name of Jack, and he has a Grey Goose as a pet

  4. Andy Gray just referred to the 4-4-2 as “aggressive”.
    I LOL’ed

  5. bergkampesdios

    Everyone on Chelsea has decided to eschew their left foot in favor of the outside of their right. Idiots.

  6. hey, that was a great chelsea performance. very inspiring.

  7. Scouse, eh?

    Dempsey. Dempsey. Clint f’n Dempsey.

  8. Fucking Red defense. Jesus fucking Christ.

  9. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Almost two. Hilarious. Y’all are making Chris Eagles look like Cristiano Ronaldo.

  10. Chris D

    If anyone in Boston knows where I can watch the Liverpool FA Cup game on Saturday I would love it if you posted it here. I’m in town for the weekend.

  11. Eladio

    @Chris: Phoenix Landing in Cambridge is the unofficial home for scousers up here.


  12. Sweet…both Manchesters knocked out by Liverpool in the same week.


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