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January 9, 2012

Words of wisdom from an old friend

Sven Goran Eriksson

No, not THAT Sven. Our Sven is much larger.

And now, with another blast from the past, we get a post from Sven. Be sure to check out the returns of Norfolk Ned and Spinachdip NY from last week. 

A lot can change in five years.

Five years ago, when JT first approached me about joining his new soccer blog, life was certainly different: I was full of verve upon starting a new gig after a lengthy bout of unemployment, Barack Obama was still a President-elect and Manchester United were Premier League champions (okay, some sad truths are the same).

But, in the five years of Unprofessional Foul’s existence, life has shifted dramatically. And, as I like to think, mostly for the better.

Shit has been talked. Trips have been taken. Beers have been drank. Laughs have been had. Jobs have been lost. New opportunities have been grasped. Marriages have been embarked upon. Loved ones have been lost. Loved ones have been welcomed into the world. Friendships have been formed. Cross-country moves have been made. Silverware has been won (sadly, not for everyone). And, most certainly, a metric crap ton of footie has been digested.

Life, like the game we all love, treats and holds something different for all of us. Having not written for the blog nearly much as I’d have cared to, I hold a small regret. But, to have shared part of my life with the brethren of Unprofessional Foul, I count myself lucky. I enjoyed all the laughs and arguments, both on the blog and in private. I like to think everybody enjoyed hanging out in the little corner we carved out for ourselves as much as we did.

And now, we all move on in search of the next match.

“Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel”

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  1. Georger

    The first soccer blog I read was Being Sven, I did a lot of drunk commenting over there, it was that which led me to UF. So basically, not for Sven, I wouldn’t have met all you cock brigadoons.

    So, blame him.

  2. MightyMightyDR

    The Sepp Herberger quote is an awful nice touch.

    @Georger: my first soccer blog, aside from reading Hirshey’s columns, was Soccernista. His reminds us all of where soccer was in the Summer of 2008.

  3. MightyMightyDR

    HTML fail.

    His <> reminds us…

  4. I’m seriously bummed about all the doin’s a-transpirin’ today. I haven’t really done much all day but obsessively refresh UF. I’m going to a monthly beer dinner at 6:30 (5 courses of local food, each paired with a beer). It’s the one thing I look forward to all month. We get a babysitter and everything. But I don’t think I’m going to enjoy it tonight. Not while remaining ignorant about UF’s future. I suppose could sneak away to the bathroom and read JT’s post but I wouldn’t feel like explaining to my wife why I’m getting misty eyed.

  5. WhoNeedsForwards

    Hey, the date I was supposed to have tonight cancelled (which is not surprising at all really), so I can just keep refreshing until 4. Yeah.

  6. jjf3

    I’m with Goat on today’s events. Normally UF is an escape away from work on weekdays. Today I haven’t been able to do anything to get my focus away from here…

  7. KC Gunner

    Well, this royally sucks. First Avoiding the Drop grinds to a halt and now some mysterious mass-exit shenanigans are afoot at UF! Where the hell am I going to find quality snark with which to follow football?!

  8. mountainwag

    New post is up. There’s more fun to be had. Head to the homepage!

  9. Is everyone else just like me and sitting at their computer hitting refresh every minute or so

  10. WhoNeedsForwards

    You can always make up your own snark, KC. Or just talk about real football with your real life acquaintances who all give you weird looks and have no idea what you’re talking about except the one random Spurs fan.

  11. mountainwag

    @Brian – yes. Sadly, the kids are starving. Eventually I’ll have to cook (or brave letting them in the kitchen). If I wasn’t so worried about having to clean up whatever they cook, I’d sent them to forage for themselves ages ago.

  12. mountainwag

    @WNF – and really, who wants to talk to one random sp*rs fan. Really? (-;

  13. WhoNeedsForwards

    Kind of. I no longer have anything better to do today.
    And it’s so sad, I finally have an actual avatar, and it works so well with Brian’s.

  14. WhoNeedsForwards

    She is HOT though. If she wasn’t dating some skinny douchebag who doesn’t even like soccer….

  15. @WNF, you need to register over at RBM and use the same avatar, then all will be right in the world

  16. WhoNeedsForwards

    I think the worst thing about today is having to follow all these people on twitter now. And remembering you’ve had a twitter for like 2 years but haven’t used it

  17. KC Gunner

    @ WNF – I don’t associate with sp*rs fans. And you’re right that basically none of my acquaintances know shit about football. I have one good friend who’s a Toonie. We go to Sporting KC games together. That’s it.
    To make it worse (at least short term), I’m moving to Boston in May. Although there are bound to be more footy fans there, I won’t know any of them anytime soon, and won’t have the chance to spend (waste) large chunks of the spring/summer/fall at LiveStrong. If it weren’t for the rigors of life at a CPA firm this time of year, I’d jump all over writing my own snarky content like JT on a teammate’s wife (old I know, but always funny). Damn jobs, paying for me to do shit I like to do like travel and watch soccer. Where do they get off?!

  18. WhoNeedsForwards

    Hey, I’ll be in KC at some point I’m sure (my sibling lives there). I’ll have to hit up Livestrong, I’ve heard it’s good.
    But it’s not Portland. At least I can go to Timbers games still and talk soccer with some random strangers who actually know a bit about the game.

  19. @KCG: Orr might live up near Boston. So I’ve heard. But you’d have to talk about Italian football.

  20. KC Gunner

    @TSE – Good to know. I wouldn’t mind the Serie A talk. I’d probably piss him off with hating Milan though. Haven’t fully picked my horse there, but I lean toward Fiorentina.
    @WNF-LiveStrong and the Cauldron are awesome and the Cauldron is full of nice, knowledgeable fans. I just haven’t broken into their ranks, mostly because my back hurts if I stand the whole game. My and my Toonie friend helped make the opposite end a little more rowdy, but it’s still pretty family-friendly (read, sit down most of the game). KC fans are starved for a decent team (Royals/Chiefs, blergh), so people came out in droves this year and brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I only hope the game sticks for some of them and they become more knowledgeable fans. But I’m quite sure the casual fan in KC knows far less than the casual Portland fan and is dressed considerably worse.

  21. Lennon's Eyebrow

    @WNF: Seriously. I have never used a tweetbox before but now I guess I’ve got figure out this whole new fangled social media thing.

    /get off my lawn

  22. Orr

    @KC – I am indeed in Boston. And decent choice with La Viola. Lots of restaurants in our north end with Fiorentina crests.

  23. KC Gunner

    @Orr – Sweet! I’ll pop in here sometime shortly after the move in May and see if you want to get a beer (or 5) sometime and watch Serie A, Champs League Final, or Euro ’12.

  24. MP

    @Orr, KC Gunner: I am also in Boston. I’m in for any number of beers.

  25. Orr

    A round of Peroni it is then, on me

  26. KC Gunner

    @Orr- Yes! I’ll get round 2.
    @MP- You’re more than welcome too.

  27. KC Gunner

    @Orr & @MP – Seems like trying to reconnect in the comments on here in 4 months could be problematic. Might I suggest you please look me up on the bookface (still not on the Twitter bandwagon) at facebook.com/terrill.matthew. Just include a message so I know who the hell you are when I get the friend request. Cheers.

  28. MP

    @KC: and you can check us out at fourfivetwo.com. Tell your friends.

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