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January 9, 2012

Notes From The Not-Very-Underground-At-All


So, I’m sure by now you’re all figuring out what our string of misty-eyed retrospectives/adventures in oversharing are all about.

That’s right; as of, um, right about now, Unprofessional Foul is dead. Ceased to be. Bereft of life. Shuffled its mortal coil, etc etc etc DEATH SYNONYMS LIFTED FROM A MONTY PYTHON SKETCH.

We killed it.

What did Unprofessional Foul achieve in its four years? I’d like to think a lot. I launched the initial hopeful/nervous recruitment drive on one of David Hirshey’s weekly posts for Deadspin, back when DS was really the only sports blog worth reading. (I mean, The Big Lead existed, but it was readable in the same way that Courtney Love’s tweets are readable. After all, there’s an art to this stuff. Simply cramming words together doesn’t make for anything good.)

Here it is. Man, what a dickhead I was. I had a stupid email address (though surely “The JT Effect,” whatever that was/is, precluded “The Axe Effect” as the predominant form of advertising irritation), I had a plaintive tone to my request, and, really, I didn’t expect much at all. I thought I’d get a couple of red-blooded “RARGH SOCCER IS 4 TEH MORONZ” spammers, a tries-too-hard nerd (who later turned out to be, well, me), and perhaps a genuine footy fan with a turn of phrase every bit as mesmeric as Ronaldinho’s greasy curls or Clint Dempsey’s RAP SKILLS.

And yet, I ended up with an inbox flooded with genius. And over the course of our impressive-in-internet-years life span, we’ve done a lot with it. Not only did we kinda help to define the first wave of soccer blogs, but we did the snark about as well as any other while in our prime. We didn’t dissect games, we flamed players, eviscerated managers, and lambasted the powers that forever undermined the beautiful game. We parodied the pageantry, mocked the status quo, and while it’s also true that we burned a few bridges along the way — seriously, reading some of the SEO-tweaked pabulum out there made me supremely homicidal — we never once stopped loving the sport. You know how it is. You embrace the flaws in the people, places, and things we love.

But we were overrun. Consumed by our own sense of proud perfectionism. We were overtaken by an avalanche of quality writers and web sites that we could never possibly be. Though we never stopped wanting to push ourselves, it became impossible with every non-UF opportunity that came our way. Write a bit here. Try this. Take a new job. Teach another class. Perform some stand-up at an open mic. Work late. Move to New Jersey. Et cetera.

Something had to give. Which is why I’m writing this in a hotel room the day before I get to work.

Oh, and the commenters. You lot. Easily the biggest legacy of UF when our whining, whinging, perfunctory prose, and misguided ire transcend into the next life. The toughest thing about writing for the internet is remembering not to read what people write about you. Or at least learning how to handle it with a truckload of salt and not letting the poorly-spelled death threats or spurious speculation about your personal life get past your outer layers. With UF, there was never any such fear. Every word was hilarious, well-placed, incisive, and entertaining to read. Even the Concave Sports’ intrepid and not-too-good-at-self-concealment marketing team was an absolute hoot to spar with. Our conversations and repartee felt every bit as hysterical and in good spirits as that we’d all routinely enjoy at our favorite bars on those dismal, damp Saturday mornings when we dared leave the house to watch in mixed company.

Plus our viewing parties — the screening of The Damned United in midtown, the USA/England viewing party at George Keeley — that brought the web site out into the world as something tangible and overly beery. We’ll still have those, but we’ll have to organize them a little more stealthily and #OWS-y than we used to be able to with a humble blog.

Above all — and believe me when I say I’m torn up about this, even with a bright future ahead of me — this was not done lightly. Heck, I’m even editing my farewell post sitting in my rented Chevy Cruze in the ESPN parking lot before driving 4 1/2 hours back to my Amish country compound. I’m exhausted and sad about ending UF, but as I think I mentioned, we can’t do it anymore. Plus evolution is kinda fun. Moving on is part of life. I have a son, too, who is more than a handful, albeit in an awesome way. I alluded to his travails on Twitter once upon a time, but find me and I’ll explain some time if you ask me. We’ll drink beers while we talk.

Oh, and it’s nothing to do with my new job, either (I mentioned it earlier today on Twitter, and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity) but rather, the culmination of a long and painful period of self-reflection for the entire UF squad. You see, we’re all a bit tired. Weary. Broken down, ground into fine dust, and weathered from our regular lives. (Except The NY Kid, who doesn’t look a day over 21.)

Hard as it was for us to come to this conclusion — and you should see our emails… holy shit. There’s like a million of them. Swearing. Agonizing. Rationalization. The various stages of grief. Likely Lad was sent to Bellevue. Moonshine Mike went off the grid and lived in a Idahoan yurt for thirteen days. I think Autoglass even inadvertently typed out Infinite Jest without even realizing. — it made complete sense. If we couldn’t do Unprofessional Foul as it was supposed to be (those glorious Euro 2008/World Cup 2010 months of quality coverage, the stop-start series like “Better Know A Traore?” and the weird Sepp Blatter faux diary I swung-and-missed on, and plenty of other gems), then we would stop. And so, somehow, we did.

Soccer is a love — an honest, aching, serious love — for all of us, but our legion runs from 9 to 5 (more like sun-up to sun-down) in many different directions. We are lawyers, TV editors, investment bankers. We are journalists (trust me on this one), social media svengalis, owners of profitable boutique design firms. We are teachers, programmers, high-level executives routinely in charge of multi-million-dollar academic institutions. We are loudmouths. We are blessed with superhuman capacities for alcoholic consumption. We work for HBO, AOL, ESPN, and the Ivy League. We deliver your mail, handle your insurance claims and adjustments, and teach future generations about criminal law.

No, we’re not members of some post-apocalyptic, Sam Allardyce-worshipping Tyler Durden clan. We’re Unprofessional Foul. And we’re a bit too consumed with all of the above to devote the loving time needed to keep UF in fine shape.

And so, we come to rest. It’s our turn to put our feet up and carpet-bomb your blogs with comments, wit, and incisive discussions of TACTICS! So let us role-reverse from here into forever. Take these feelings of joy and sadness and sow your own fertile blogging grounds. Let that be UF’s legacy. Well, that and the boobs and blatant disregard for syntax. Right now I’m driving home, but let’s all congregate later tonight when we’re drunk and rowdy and commiserate like champions.

Drop your URLs and @s in the comments so we know how to find you.

Long live UF. Not just on these archived web pages, but in each and every one of us.

- James T, as well as

- The Fan’s Attic
- The NY Kid
- Precious Roy
- Moonshine Mike
- The Likely Lad
- Jacob
- Mountain WAG
- The Stretford End
- Norfolk Ned
- Bigus Dickus (RIP)
- Spectator
- Outside Mid
- Sven
- Orr
- BG
- ian
- Autoglass
- Wanker’s Doom
- Spinachdip NY
-  Soccer Rocker
- Joep Smeets 

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  1. i.e. the door is open but the bar isn’t stocked anymore and nobody works here either. nobody pays the light bill either.

  2. James T

    We’ll pay the light bill but the bulbs are a bit crappy.

  3. Autoglass

    I just read this for the third time.

    JT, ya Scouse bastard, thanks for the ride.

  4. I just wanted to point out that there were 8,332 posts at UF during its lifetime. It is tough to determine how many each contributor had because we switched from a blogger format to wordpress and a lot of the original authorship data was lost. Suffice to say that even with Jacob’s semi-retirement to deliver the mail, he had the most amount of posts. Well over one thousand not even counting the lost posts from the blogger days. He probably had over 1,600 total. He was destined to be a mailman because he delivered in the rain, snow and sleet.

  5. James T

    I had at least 6,417.

    Auto: Cheers, mate. Beers soon. Must. Have to.

  6. @JamesT, but TSE had one more post than you

  7. You had me at “Concave.” /tear

    In all seriousness, thanks for the laffs and the kickstart for YY.

  8. Tno

    My favorite comments (that I can remember):
    Lennon’s Eyebrow after Cristiano Ronaldo scores the 4th against Spurs- “Et tu, Cristiano”
    It was just perfect.
    But the greatest comment in the history of UF:
    Orr (I’m pretty sure) Back when he was a commentor- Meanwhile, at Sepp Blatter’s campaign headquarters…
    Honestly I couldn’t fucking breathe for a minute.

  9. Tno

    I love you guys

  10. Joep Smeets

    Hey guys, very sorry to hear the news. I want to thank you for the opportunity to write a few posts for the site. I wish you all the best in your next projects and if youre ever in Holland or Belgium, do send a message.

  11. James T

    Will do, Joep!

  12. I have loved every single minute of every post here that I’ve read. I’m not going to lie, I’m very unimpressed that UF is shutting down. Despite living in the UK, I’ve been coming here for my football news for the past 3 years.

    My own blog is too sporadic, and poorly written to attempt to keep it going for too long. I can always be gotten at @thirdratehero

    Well. Shit. Yeah.

  13. Duke Silver

    You will be missed. It was a great run while it lasted and brought me more hours of free entertainment than I ever deserved. Well done all of you. Take care and good luck.

  14. Arkie

    Been a part of this for like a year or so? Definitely before the world cup so I guess longer but I didn’t always post (the inside jokes are intimidating at first). Anyways, being in Korea currently, and after having a bad day, I am greeted by a lot of sentimental posts (that I haven’t read all the way through) and the last one tells me my favorite soccer blog dying. When I saw the new format earlier today I thought you guys were trying to make money or something off the site. Damn you guys, being selfish and preferring your real lives and careers more than snarky soccer commentary. You guys saved me from the dearth of Ives Galarcep’s USSF/MLS circle jerk party and helped enlighten me. UF helped me make the transition from US Team fan to full fledged football enthusiast. I even found people to play regular footy with for the first time in years. This will be a sad parting. I wish I would have found out about yall sooner. Good luck to all.

  15. dan

    Man, this is so much sadder than when deadspin shut down.

  16. Spectator

    The lesson of UF for anyone thinking about starting a blog… Do it to entertain yourself first, and if it entertains others, then that’s a bonus. Twas a great run, everybody. See you at the next Foul Up.

  17. Steve

    Very sad to hear you guys are leaving. I’ve been around quite a few years now – I still remember the boot rooms when everyone was excited enough to keep track of comment counts – so it will will be a big miss with you lot not around. I happen to be in costa rica on my honeymoon at the moment (yes I know I shouldnt be checking UF, but that’s how much i love you guys), but I wanted to drop an thanks and well wishes while everyone is still paying attention. So thanks for all the good times and wonderful words, for letting me write up my trip to WHL, for the foul casts, and for everything else. The writers, the commenters, everyone has been great. I wish more places on the interwebs were like UF. All the best in the future and all that.

  18. tmillermsu

    Wow. As a regular reader and (very) occasional commenter, I’m broken-hearted to hear this site is shutting down. I became a new fan of the game during the 2010 WC, and this was the place to be to grow in fandom. It also happened to be the largest (and funniest) gathering of semi-intelligent third-rate people on the internet – as LE pointed out above, free from the FIRST!/fail/lolcatz/spam/epic/otherannoyinginternetmemes that run rampant just about everywhere else.

    So sad to see this place go. Wish I had posted more and been more involved, as most of you seem like swell individuals. Don’t do twitter, so I guess I’ll look for you around the blogs. Farewell, UF.

  19. Cheers to you James and the rest of the UF crew. 4 years is a long ass time when converted into blog years (multiply by 7… I think). Anyway I know maintaining a blog and keeping it going with consistent quality content is extremely tough. I can only imagine how much more difficult it can be when the blog is incredibly successful.

    Anyway, best of luck with all your future endeavors.

    That guy who’s terrible Cubs blog James once wrote a handful of esoteric but nevertheless brilliant posts for.

  20. Well, I knew this day would eventually come even though I didn’t want to admit it (JT’s warning early yesterday morning that I’d be super-scared by the changes didn’t even set off any alarm bells). No late April Fool’s prank (in true third-rate form it couldn’t be early). No temporary hiatus.

    I honestly don’t know where I’ll go for all of my ugly jersey/Traore/bewbz needs now. UF was the first thing I checked in the morning and not just on weekends–I would often check the previous night’s backpasses because I was rarely able to stay awake for them. Match days are going to find me particularly lost. I could always count on the comments to describe the action when I was forced to miss a game and to provide an endless source of amusement as I watched. I knew I could get the real details of a controversial call that was glossed over in the Guardian’s match report just by reading back through the comments.

    I started coming here in early 2008 when I was really starting to cement my soccer fandom and reacquaint myself with the game (rather than just paying attention every four years). Without you folks my understanding of and love for the game would not be anywhere near where it is today. I met a few of you in person (I sorta watched the US-Algeria game with Precious Roy) but I felt like I knew you all. Thanks for all of the hard work and great writing you’ve done over the years.

    Other people have talked about this but I did want to mention the little community everyone built here and how unusual it really was. While we certainly had our disagreements, they were always (mostly) civil and tempered by humor (although I’m not privy to the email chain). That’s quite a rare thing on these here internets and it’s something that drew me here in the first place. That’s something that is going to be hard to replicate elsewhere. I guess I’m going to have to break down and join the Twitters so I can keep up with everyone.

    Since other folks have outed themselves I might as well, too. My real name is Dave. I’ll see you at the Foul-Ups. I’ll be the one wearing the Columbus Crew jersey.

  21. TrentonPorkRollUnion

    Wow, really sad to hear you guys are done. Thanks for a ton of great reads, and many wasted hours at work. Good luck to all of you, and thanks again.

  22. Ducksworth

    It’s impossible for blogs to keep my attention regardless of the subject matter. I can’t begin to explain how many blogs I’ve read a paragraph of and simply checked out. I’ve checked in at UF almost every day for the last 3 years. Amazing job with the blog everyone. 3rd rate on the interwebs, 1st rate in my heart.

  23. Wedel

    @Berg: Fuck off, my dear Arsenal-supporting, Interweb friend, fuck off. I was lamenting your absence on one of the earlier threads; I’m very glad you checked in. I enjoyed our exchanges. Your namesake’s goal in the QF at WC98 is one of my favorites and I shall raise a glass to you and him when the inevitable replays are shown.

    @MP, @WSR and @Stretty: I appreciate your having my back in this wretched den of non-United supporting filth.

    @Ryan: Not bad for a City fan, not bad at all.

    @Shane: Hope the little ‘Ger is doing well and you’ve got him fully indoctrinated by now.

    @Brian: royal blue mersey is bookmarked. I’m not sure how your lot takes to visitors from the proper end of our virtual East Lancs Rd, but I’ll stop in when I can.

    @UF: I re-read my earlier post and it wasn’t really clear. It was intended to imply that if you guys tried less you wouldn’t have burned out. The whole UF team did a masterful job and you will be sorely missed. Since the passing of the comment section on the Grauniad’s Rumour Mill awhile back and now UF, I may actually have to go to my local, where, to be honest, the conversation makes my ears bleed. Sorely missed indeed.

  24. Outside Mid

    Reading through many of the comments, it’s fair to say UF did as much to slow down the productivity of the worldwide economy than any other company that has been too big to fail over the past few years.

    It’s done, so congrats world–your economy will now enter a golden phase of financial bliss. Don’t forget to send us a little off the top.

  25. @OM I’d say productivity would get worse though, now we all go off to do great things on our own blogs, and spend more time checking out everyone elses stuff

    @Wedel, you are more than welcome, we always like a bit of banter

  26. tmillermsu

    What am I supposed to do now? Read ESPN Soccernet?


  27. Carlitos

    From someone who’s lurked daily since stumbling across your WC live blogs, thank you.

    And don’t be alarmed when @cvanv8 Starts following you all on twitter… That’s how I’ll be lurking and enjoying everyone’s wonderful insight now.

  28. I think we can clearly call this the Forever Bootroom. Keep posting, come back for games. Enjoy. We might stop by, too.

  29. Cat

    oh damn it I discovered this site all too late,kicking myself right now.So does this mean this whole site will be unreachable/unviewable in a bit?

  30. @Tno: That was actually me. I remember because you said I was the funniest commenter on here which, while not true, made my day. Anyway, let everyone know when you start up “Kickin’ it with Tno,” your soccer shoe fashion blog.

    @Steve: Congrats. The death of UF can only strengthen your marriage.

  31. @Cat: no, the site will still be here for your perusal.

  32. So will this post end up being like the last Assetbar thread for Achewood when Onstad went on hiatus? Because a million chubbies if that’s the case.

  33. JGAugust

    Really sad to see UF shutting its doors.

    I used to comment here somewhat frequently leading up to the 2010 WC and throughout the 2010-11 EPL Season. I then sporadically came in during major boot rooms as my life became consumed by law school. As the person who coined the phrase “World’s Greatest Attack Force” in some comment way the hell back when, I feel that I have some minor history with UF.

    This blog has been a fantastic source of footballing trivia, information, wit, and general humor. It will be sorely missed. All the best to you folks.

    For one last time, Up the Arsenal!

  34. Georger

    A lot of these comments are reminding me of how big of a dick I am to people.

    I regret nothing.

  35. jjf3

    Well, a day later and I still don’t know what I want to say. I was a lurker at Deadspin whose love of footy blossomed at roughly the same time UF was a glint in JamesT’s eye, so I began lurking not long after UF started. Lurking soon became commenting, and nearly 4 years later, like all great and life-altering things, it comes to an end of sorts. But what will stay with me, forever I hope, is the wonderful sense of community that I found here, and for that I owe JT and all the writers a huge “thank you”. Bravo to you all – you created the environment that made “community” possible.
    And with that community came new (real-world) friends, both among the writers and the commenters – those, too, I hope will last forever.
    Writers and commenters came and went (and returned), but UF always felt like home no matter what was happening in the real world. And that’s what I will miss.
    Thank you all.
    Joe @joeficarra

  36. Andrew

    I wish Roberto Mancini returned and offered his opinion on the Suarez-Evra situation. Whatever he would have written, I’m sure it sounded better in its original German.

  37. WhoNeedsForwards

    tmiller: I’m pretty sure that’s where James T is headed, so hopefully it’ll suck less from now on.

    georger: Being a dick is what people liked about you. I think. Maybe.

    Kind of cool to see all the commentators congregating in here. And maybe I’ll drop a random comment about how Palermo looks lost in midfield against a crap team like Cesena at 6 am again sometime…lol

  38. Eladio

    @ Georger: Please don’t ever change.

  39. tmillermsu

    @WNF: Very glad to hear that. An immediate improvement.

    Hope commenters/contributors continue to visit this thread from time to time as well.

  40. BG

    I think I must be one of the last UFers, along with Orr, to join Twitter. @BG_DiablosRojos

    Also, I plan to continue posting about Argie soccer somewhere. I’ve got nothing better to do besides work. Will let you all know where once I have details.

  41. Any of the Yiddos here, YY is putting out a call: anyone who wants to shoulder some of the load at YY, send me an email yankeeyiddos[at]gmail[dot]com

  42. @BG: Precious Roy is @ but he hardly uses it.

  43. Dammit. This is is really happening isn’t it? I thought everybody was joking. Jokes on me I guess.

  44. Wacman

    Well, balls…
    I’m totally late to the party, as I didn’t notice the farewell tweets from James T until sometime last night. It’s sort of fitting (in my mind at least) that the last day of the only soccer community I’d ever “belonged” to coincided with my favorite player (and the reason I love Arsenal) returning and scoring a goal.

    I remember reading Arseblog a lot and commenting in the Arses but being pissed that saying “LOL” could get me banned. I still read it, but not as much as I read at this place. In fact, my favorite part about this site was the fact that I could be crude and thoughtful within the same comment. It was that I could scream FAILCOTT! or think that it was an obvious penalty and have someone remind me that my blinders were on without any hard feelings. Any arguments were merely disagreements and water under the bridge, no matter what they were about. The community cultivated here was remarkable, and I’m glad to have been a part of it.

    Thanks to all of the writers who provided us with great articles and topics to read about, debate about, or even just laugh at. Thanks to TSE and James T for letting me be on a podcast (shitty microphone and all) and thanks to TFA and NY Kid for their input on my teacher who wanted to keep me from taking an exam.

    Josh Williams
    Thanks to everyone who made UF the bet blog I’ve ever readd, and follow me on twitter (@willijjCLE) as I’ll still be screaming FAILCOTT!, even though it won’t nearly be the same..

  45. Tno

    Oh it was you? It’s not my favorite anymore because your’e a gooner… *sniff* I didn’t always love you *sniff* I won’t miss any of the arsenal fans on here. *Runs out of the room crying*

  46. Arkie

    @Dr. Goat: You’re getting your Phd in Labor Studies? I was considering something of the sort before running away to teach ESL for the year. That is one damn classy picture as well. I’m amazed at the level of educated people (writers and commenters) on this site, and at the risk of sounding bourgeois I think that says something about the quality of this blog. I was still hoping all this was an elaborate joke or cry for attention. I fully support this becoming the de facto bootroom from now to eternity.

  47. Arkie

    @Goat: You’re getting your Phd in Labor Studies? I was considering something of the sort before running away to teach ESL for the year. That is one damn classy picture as well. I’m amazed at the level of educated people (writers and commenters) on this site, and at the risk of sounding bourgeois I think that says something about the quality of this blog. I was still hoping all this was an elaborate joke or cry for attention. I fully support this becoming the de facto bootroom from now to eternity.

    • James T

      @Arkie — I always thought the sentence-forming capacity of our commenterati was an undisputed high point for the site.

  48. @Arkie: I should be done with my PhD in history (focus on labor history) this summer so it’s not Dr. Goat quite yet. I’m glad you like the picture–some people think it isn’t a joke. Grad school sucks, the job market sucks, and you’d never get out of debt but if it’s what you want to do you should definitely go for it. Just save up some money teaching ESL first.

  49. Lennon's Eyebrow

    @jacob: Absolutely. If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, give me a shout.

    @goat: That picture is the amazing. You are The World’s Most Interesting Professor. You should be an internet meme.

    Is NYK on twitter? I think he’s the only one of you I haven’t found to follow yet. I followed some guy called NYCanaries on the assumption that it was Ned, so if that’s just some stranger (well, moreso than Ned at any rate) please let me know.

    Thanks again for the ride guys. It’s been a great few years.

  50. NYK’s Twitter account is @Henry4ever

  51. @LE: Holy shit, that’s awesome! Either that or you’re just a dirty Spud who is trying to get me fired and/or ruin my marriage. Probably both. Either way, stay thirsty for knowledge, my friends.

  52. Mountain Wag

    @Brian, if that one isn’t already taken, i should reserve it for NYK. I will get him on the Twitterz, kicking and screaming, if I have to.

  53. In honor of Anonsters I will be providing a running commentary the Sp*rs match today, feel free to join in and laugh at how few shots Everton take

  54. Um, yeah. I work crazy hours and I come home to or space out at work by coming to this site. And now you are taking it away from me…. I dunno what to say…. this is kinda like a bad break up with that started with “its not you but me..”

    (wired silence)… I have to go back to work now but let me leave you with this—

    “spurs suck balls”, Go gunners, great to see henry in the white and red.

    I will miss your posts, blogs, antics and witty comments… Now I have to go find another non-commercially motivated site. Thanks for the good times.

  55. Lineups are up, we are well and truly screwed

    Everton XI: Howard, Neville, Heitinga, Distin, Baines, Donovan, Fellaini, Bilyaletdinov, Cahill, Anichebe, Saha.

    Spurs XI: Friedel, Walker, Dawson, Kaboul, Bale, Lennon, Livermore, Modric, Bale, Van Der Vaart, Adebayor.

    Everton Bench: Drenthe, Denis, Gueye, Vellios, Duffy, Mucha, Faddy.

    Spurs Bench: Cudicini, Bassong, Rose, Kranjcar, Pienaar, Defoe, Pavlyuchenk

  56. MP

    @Brian: I blame that asshole for the shut down of the site.

  57. MP

    Lineups are up, we are well and truly screwed
    Especially with Spurs employing the 4-5-2 today. Imagine if that Bale clone is anywhere near as good as the original!

  58. @MP Maybe it should now be Bale counts as 2, and Sp*rs could really play a 10-0-0 and still win this one. Hell if they still had Alan Hutton he would score

  59. bergkampesdios

    So I’m now in my third day of perusing the site in a state of disbelief, wondering how to fill the void. Then it hit me – I should start a blog. With guest posts from James T, TFA, NYK, PR, Moonshine Mike, TLL, Jäcob, Wag, Norfold Ned, a reanimated Bigus Dickus, Spectator, OM, Sven, Orr, BG, Ian, Autoglass, Wanker’s Doom, Spinachdip NY, Soccer Rocker, and Joep.
    Oh fine, TSE, too.

  60. @berg no one reads blogs run by Arsenal fans, they can write but can’t be the blog overlord

  61. Oh Fox Soccer, Everton played Bolton last Wednesday, not on Saturday

  62. I gotta go pick up the kids and am taking them to the children’s museum but rest assured I’ll be following the game in the comments. Spurs suck! Come on ABE!

  63. Awesome, Anichebe already looks hurt

  64. And Saha scuffs a shot wide, he is in mid-game form already

  65. Has TIMMAY! scored yet?

  66. Awe-fucking-some, looks like Anichebe took a leg to the groin n the follow through, hopefully he is fine, but who knows

  67. tmillermsu

    Did Livermore just knee Anichebe right in the fruits? Watching on a crappy internet connection, but that’s what it looked like. No wonder he’s pissed.

  68. Nope, Moyes should put him up top though

  69. @tmiller Anichebe doesn’t have any balls so I don’t know why he’s pissed

  70. Landycakes, please put the corner into the box, don’t aim for the guy halfway between you and the near post

  71. MP

    Still no meteor at the Wastelands. But a penalty to the scousers.

  72. MP

    Captain Stevie makes it 1-0 to the red cunts over the blue cunts.

  73. Better than the Devil Cunts.

  74. Everton at least putting the ball into the box, but only Saha’s chance had any opportunity there. Now if only we could get some more shots

  75. tmillermsu

    Wow, Luka. Where was that one headed?

  76. Bale slides one through to Adebayor, but Howard’s closing down forces Adebayor to touch it out of bounds, thank goodness there

  77. Apparently Ream to Bolton is done deal, also our defense scares the shit out of me as usual

  78. Adebayor, you forfeit all right to bitch by wearing gloves and a short-sleeve shirt

  79. Saha, you have a man and space, either pass or put the shot on target

  80. Away fans can be heard in full song, nice to see

  81. tmillermsu

    Yeah, the short sleeves and gloves are pretty bad. But BAE makes up for it with his mismatched boots.

  82. Fuck, Lennon trickles it in the near post as he dashes across the top of the box. Once again Everton’s defense lets them down

  83. Haha and once again it just squeezes under Distin’s leg fucking bad luck just compounds the problem

  84. tmillermsu

    LENNON! Some sloppy defending/keeping there. 1-0 to Spurs.

  85. MP

    @Brian: I’m sure the same came be said at El Etihad because, ya know, Citeh fans never seem to fill that place.

  86. @MP, they apparently dimmed the stadium lights to make it look less empty

  87. MP

    @Brian: blowup dolls are next.

    Balo off for Nasri before halftime. Amazing.

  88. tmillermsu

    Can’t Citeh afford to hire seat-fillers like they do at the Oscars?

  89. Anichebe and Saha have no awareness or ability to play the ball to team mates. Sub them now Moyes

  90. ABE gets a YC for stepping on a Spurs players foot, fucking ref

  91. Need Drenthe and Gueye on for Saha and Anichebe

  92. From Twitter “Man City are missing a few things lately. One’s a title. Two’s Kompany & three’s a crowd”

  93. MP

    /gives standing ovation to random twitterer

  94. Wedel

    Meteor. Wastelands. Nao!

    Also, Savic, the guy who gave away the penno, is currently okay* in my book. Clash of heads in the derby and he was spouting blood like it was his job — he kept on playing**. Nice work, Mr. Underpaid City backup Guy Who Still Plays Before Wayne Bridge (sing in Miller Lite voice).

    *not actively having death or worse wished upon him
    **contrast to Kun who fell over like a bag of kicked dicks after tangling with Patty

  95. TIMMAY!! has a great save on Bale who just ran through the defense

  96. Wedel

    Also, this gem from Shearah via the MBM:

    Half-time seat-related update: I’ve noticed patches of empty seats, but Alan Shearer, who has the benefit of being there, numbers them at “five or six thousand”.

  97. Anichebe literally fell away from the ball as he went to head it WTF


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