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January 9, 2012

Thanks For All The Fish Tacos

As our resident WAG would say “it’s typical men to ignore something you care about for so long, and then when its leaving you get all emotional.” We all have our foibles, but we are too wise to point out yours, ladies. Most of us ended up here after going through some personal, emotional or physical purgatory. Mine was realizing as much as I enjoy the summers of West Virginia, the winters, and the lack of intelligent conversation except for a few were beginning to crush my soul. JamesT was a great collector of talent – everyone he pinged on were smart, funny, and snarky dudes who enjoyed quality soccer. Since they are all smart, funny and snarky it makes sense so many of us are Arsenal fans. I even find out my younger brother (who for the record is married to my Favorite Sister-in-Law) is a fellow Gooner, which only confirms my half-baked theories.

If there is anything we can do, is we know how to throw a party. We all love a good party, and when we get together there is nothing more than constant trash talking, shot taking, and things we can do to TheLikelyLad (oh, the stories we could tell. but we’re not gossipy, just juvenile). It’s what we do, and we’ve gotten good at it. We normally crush it the week between Christmas and New Years and this year I could not of gone easily, but it never happened, mostly because three of them tromped off to England caught a match at Norwich and soaked up the essence of Premiere League (suck it Barclays!) and how teams can go up and down and why it works. Which meant I missed TheNewYorkKid on his yearly NY sorjourn, where he prowls the streets crushing lacrosse players and sneering at everyone not paying homage to his Titi Invincibles jersey.

I’m stuck back in West Virginia most of this winter and it sucks. But the one thing that cheers me up is talking soccer with smart, funny, and snarky folks. It used to get me through the day, but my days are now very filled now working at “an aging Internet company in need of an image enhancement” (which could be me also) and I’m always happy when I can spend the afternoon watching CL games on my laptop during meetings. It’s a tricky skill, but one I suggest everyone master. It’s a useful for many things in life – like pretending you’re listening to TheStretfordEnd when he breaks down his Ryan Giggs porn collection. I mean, really? The things you learn about people.

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  1. Eladio

    Just for the record, I am Moonshine Mike’s younger brother. Also for the record, I’m always completely baked.

  2. @Eladio: You are?!?! I learned something today!

  3. It’s true. Here’s a picture of Eladio.

  4. Moonshine Mike

    It’s true TSE, and Goat found a picture of my brother before he shaved.

    I take it as the highlight of my blog-sistence, since he’s the writer in the family.

  5. Orr

    Moonshine Mike deserves a lot of credit for behind the scenes work for UF that I’m sure not everyone is aware of. Well done as always.

  6. Seconded, Orr. Mike was the man behind the curtain who made it all run. And if you like the look, thank Mountain WAG, her hubby (whose UF name I can never remember) and MM for making it happen.

  7. MP

    Well done Mike. Thanks for everything. The redesign looks great.

  8. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Uh, why did I for some reason always think WAG was married to Mike? My whole world is turned upside down today.

  9. @LE: Nope. Wag, ETown and Mike (whose name is not Mike) are all good friends, but Wag is with ETown

  10. Arkie

    Breaking the third wall here now UF… I wish I was someone notable IRL.

  11. WhoNeedsForwards

    Eh, being notable in real life isn’t that interesting usually

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