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January 9, 2012

The Bootroom. The Dirty, Dirty Bootroom

Special pic for NYK

TFA began writing this last night, but it got lost in the WordPress vortex, so he asked me to step in for him and finish.

There is only one game that matters to our usual UF crowd: The Return of Titi as Arsenal meets Leeds United in the third round of the FA Cup. It’s on NOW on Fox Soccer.

To go along with this post, we figured we would include some of the things that made The Bootroom one of the favorite stops for our reader. Namely, bewbz. So enjoy the match, and enjoy the scenery.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: We have posts that will be going up during this game, beginning at 3 p.m. EST from The NY Kid, followed by posts from Orr, The Likely Lad, a guest post from Sven, a couple of others sprinkled in, then the post of the day from James T at 7 p.m. EST. Stay, read, comment the shit out of this place. This has been a great day so far.

Here’s a list of the posts from earlier today, in case you missed them:

“Why I wanted to be a UFer,” by The Stretford End
“What is going on at Fox Soccer Report,” by The Fan’s Attic
“A WAG’s retrospect:  the buns at a sausage fest,” by Mountain WAG
“L’Affaire Suarez y Evra,” by The Fan’s Attic
“One last spin through the FJMinator,” by Precious Roy
“The Good, The Bad, The WTF,” by Jacob  
“Oh the Places We’ll Go!” by Mountain WAG
“Thanks for all the fish tacos” by Moonshine Mike


Excellent form.

Hail Pippa's Brittania!

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  1. Outside Mid

    @ PR: So, a crappier version of Kaka?

  2. MP

    @OM: It’s already 3:42 over here in the real world.

  3. WhoNeedsForwards

    Oh man, no comment on the NFL yesterday. My stupid friends are Broncos fans, and religious. It was horrible.

  4. Precious Roy

    @OM: Maybe. What was the last thing Kaka won?

  5. Precious Roy

    @WNF: I was almost pulling for the rapist yesterday just so I wouldn’t have to listen to another week of Tebownia.

  6. Wedel

    Where’s Berg, dammit? When I make a special guest star appearance, EVERYBODY needs to be here!

  7. Lennon's Eyebrow

    @PR: You mean Kaka?

  8. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Damn, way behind on that Kaka joke. Refresh fail.

  9. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    @PR @OM: Kaka to Arsenal! He’ll fit in perfectly, since so many of their players are also kaka.

  10. Wedel

    @PR: Jonny Evans plays in the NFL?! Maybe that’s why he’s been pants. Does SAF know about this?

  11. Outside Mid

    @ MP: Gawd chooses his own time zone.
    @ PR: Was he part of the Copa del Rey squad? I really care so little about Spanish footy I don’t keep track.

  12. Precious Roy

    @WSR: In all seriousness, didn’t it almost happen? I read where we were trying to work out a deal with Madrid, but they only wanted to sell and we wanted him for a season loan.

  13. MightyMightyDR

    A morose half of footy begets what shall likely be another morose half of footy. More Titi, please.

  14. Precious Roy

    Holy shit… sweet backheel chip to himself from Ox-Cham. Too bad we have no finishers on the pitch.

  15. WhoNeedsForwards

    He was in the Copa game Real won, yes

  16. wacman

    WNF, the first thing I heard on my local sports talk station was if the caller believed in divine intervention. Couldn’t turn it off fast enough.

    If so many people are praying to the same god, how does he choose? By who prays the hardest?

  17. WhoNeedsForwards

    Yes, play hard, pray harder!
    The key to victory.

    Or just hope Chris Foy is reffing and he decides he doesn’t like your opponent’s shirts.

  18. MP

    Leaping two-footed studs-up tackles are red cards by the letter of the law, regardless of whether or not they actually break someone’s leg in half.

  19. WhoNeedsForwards

    I believe the not so magic Elf just got called Unprofessional

  20. Outside Mid

    Could there be such a thing as a an all-divine starting XI? I mean, other than searching for a bunch of players from Latin nations all named Heysoos?

  21. @WNF: Don’t you read the glossary of terms? It’s Magic Pixie!

  22. WhoNeedsForwards

    Nah, I just make up my own crap. Everyone that helped build the glossary is leaving anyway apparently.

  23. WhoNeedsForwards

    Arshavin missed the open goal because he hasn’t been praying hard enough.

  24. Precious Roy

    I think we just shot the only place the Leeds keeper would have saved it. And now we put one across an open goal mouth with nobody there to tap it in.

  25. WhoNeedsForwards

    Again, Aaron Ramsey is really, really good.

  26. I want to see Henry in this match only if NYK starts commenting

  27. Precious Roy

    I think every keeper in Europe’s story of their best day ever begins: “Well, we were playing Arsenal… “

  28. wacman

    Don’t FCC rules state you can’t show genitalia onscreen? They definitely just got away with showing a cunt onscreen, pardon my french lol

  29. wacman

    Heeeeeeees baaaaaaack!

  30. Outside Mid

    @ PR: Same with Fox Soccer when it comes to famous FA Cup matches from the past. Watched some of those this weekend & every other one was Arsenal v somebody. The others? Liverpool v Everton mostly.

  31. wacman

    Sexy and I know it just came on… what a juxtaposition of class and crap…

  32. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Yeah, LMFAO is genius. Shame to taint them with this football game.

  33. Precious Roy

    Hey Ox-Cham….everything you shoot right goes wide. Maybe try shooting to the left side.

  34. MP

    Somewhere, a number of test-taking college students are wondering where that ferocious “fap fap fap” is coming from.

  35. WhoNeedsForwards

    Is this double substitution really designed to try and remind Failcott he’s not as good as the last 14 guy?

  36. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    I really hope NYK isn’t pointing at any students right now.

  37. Precious Roy

    And his first act is to be offside.

  38. dan

    It’s a shame FSC + Comcast not only won’t offer HD in DC, but somehow also feed the worst picture I’ve ever seen. Painful to watch at times.

  39. NYK is the guy we saw in the front row of the Emriates

  40. Precious Roy

    I don’t want a replay.

  41. Precious Roy

    Twenty-one shots to one currently.

  42. WhoNeedsForwards

    And Henry scores. How surreal

  43. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Ugh. Of course it was.

  44. Moonshine Mike

    Somewhere, a teacher is furiously masturbating under his desk.

    nice ball from Song.

  45. @dan, no guy on side near linesman kept him on

  46. Mountain Wag

    Thierry Henry. Thierry Henry. Thierry Henry! Welcome home, son!

  47. Precious Roy


  48. Mountain Wag

    Arsenal create chances, but never finish. How surreal to have someone who is finishing. Boom.

  49. Precious Roy

    The problem is that Leeds will try to score, which means we have to defend. And as I type that we give up a free header in the box.

  50. Mountain Wag

    Arsenal player also noted that they thought they saw Nasri at the Emirates. Anyone watching a feed — have cameras come across him at all. If so, I find it odd and want to know why. He’s trying to remember what it felt like to play 90 mins?

  51. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Yeah, they showed Nasri earlier.

  52. WhoNeedsForwards

    I keep thinking, hey, Arsenal has a new midfielder who’s pretty good. Then I realize Alex Song just looks kind of normal hair wise now and is playing against Leeds.

  53. Moonshine Mike

    @WNF: Song is pretty good in the midfield and has been slowly exerting himself into the distributor role. He also can take out people, which makes him a perfect Dirty Arsenal Player.

  54. Moonshine Mike

    Leeds is just not stopping their attack and normally Arsenal coughs up a goal about now.

  55. wacman

    That was only the best Arsenal game I’ve ever watched…

  56. Precious Roy

    Thanks, Titi. You never should have left.

  57. WhoNeedsForwards

    I’m pretty sure there were 29 million reasons he should have left.

    Never be afraid to sell a player at their peak to maximize your profit.

  58. So I was being all nostalgic and stuff, and the Lithuanian A League is kicking off in March with FK Ekranas looking to win their 5th straight title

  59. WhoNeedsForwards

    I saw A League and Nostalgia and thought someone was going to talk about Harry Kewell what with Leeds having just been on the television.

  60. MP

    @Brian: whip up a season preview and send it to the UF commenter email chain that I just started in my head.

  61. Precious Roy

    I didn’t say it wasn’t good business. A few years after leaving though, he looks like he was born to wear that Arsenal shirt.

  62. Mountain Wag

    @PR agreed. But I have no problem buying him cheap, developing him, using him, selling him for boucoup bucks, then welcoming him back a hero and only paying loan wages. He’ll be in the coaching ranks there soon enough, I’m sure. A bridge over troubled waters… he will lead us home. /okay, maybe that last part was too nostalgic. Damn.

  63. Lennon's Eyebrow

    @MP: Commenter revolt! The inmates are running the asylum!

  64. MP

    @LE: where did you get a hand grenade? WNF killed a guy! Did you throw trident?

  65. MightyMightyDR

    I watched the Henry goal with my dad, live. Cool.

  66. @Dre: I made my kid look up from Scooby Doo to watch the replay. I don’t think he appreciated the significance despite my efforts to explain it to him.

  67. James T

    Of COURSE that fucking Henry scored

  68. bergkampesdios

    Wedel – absolutely fucked day at work, but I’m here now. Reading every post of the day. This absolutely blows and is awesome all at the same time.
    And what a class goal by Titi. Pure vintage.

  69. Tno

    I missed the last bootroom, and I was mentioned twice. I’m fucking sad now.


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